Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Have you read this girl's blog? You should. And then you should look at her photography and made design skills, and then you should look and see how old she is. And you will be blown away. I have followed her and her Mama's blog for awhile now and I won a design makeover on my first blog from Hannah. They are always both encouraging and inspiring. Check em out. 

Hannah posted this, and I thought I'd go ahead and do the same.  Here I AM

I AM… me, what you see is what you get.
I WANT… to do more than just what's comfortable and known....I've done that for 28 years's getting old. 
I HAVE… the best family in the world, for real
I KEEP… every card Trevor ever gave me, and most art projects Jack does.
I WISH I COULD…travel more, lots more.
I HATE…being late, fakeness, and dry hands.
I FEAR… heights and turbulence.
I HEAR… what you don't say. I hear it in your eyes. 
I DON'T THINK… that I will ever have the patience I want.
I REGRET… not sticking up for myself more at church in jr. high. people were mean. sad huh? Just wish I could go back and be more confident. 
I LOVE… Jesus, my boys (all 4 of them) my family, my amazing friends, pizza, ice cream, taking pictures of people I love, writing and reading.
I AM NOT… crafty or patient or quiet or silent about my thoughts
I DANCE… crazy to FF5 with my boys when we need a stress reliever. 
I SING… awful. But I still sing....just not loud enough for my amazingly talent husband to hear.
I NEVER… drink just plain coffee. My 6 years of working as a Barista ruined that for me. 
I RARELY… go to bed when I should....
I CRY WHEN…something emotional is on TV, or I hear something emotional...I'm an easy crier. I don't mind.
I AM NOT ALWAYS…good at keeping my mouth shut, or keeping a clean house
I HATE THAT…people care so much about what other people think and that I can't just travel and eat for money
I'M CONFUSED ABOUT…why Mama's are so competitive with one another. Who started that? I wanna chat with her...
I NEED… less of me. More of Him.
I SHOULD… go to bed earlier, breathe more during the day, stretch before I run, run more, write more letters

That's me. And you? If you do one of these, let me know or email me or put it in my comments :) And let Hannah know too :)


  1. I LOVE this! So doing it too! Loved learning more about you Krystle!

  2. I would like the patience of Michelle Dugger too.

  3. So neat! Might have to steal it sometime :)

    I was able to give out a blog award called the Liebster Award! Feel free to check it out and pass it on :)