Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How's that JOY thing comin?

My word for the year is JOY. 
How has that worked out so far? 
I will tell you what, it sure has kept my focus. 

We've finally caught a break from the sicknesses, the colds and the stomach bugs. 
Trev's finally back into a routine at work and I'm starting to run again. 

I am not saying it's easy to seek JOY, to count it all JOY. In fact, it's ridiculously hard. 
And at some points in my day while the kids are screaming, pulling on my hair (them not me)
trying to clean up all while realizing I haven't eaten yet....I wonder. 
Is this even possible?

To see JOY in all things.
To demand JOY in my life.
To set up my kids to feel JOY in the midst of our day.
To make my home filled with JOY.

No. It's not possible. 
It just isn't...if I'm the one trying to make it that way.
I fail. I let my emotions get the best of me, I let the situation control me and I forget.
I forget to live and breathe and be.

So, I'm learning that I cannot seek JOY in all things. Because, as we know...somethings are not joyful.
But if I choose to see through His eyes, to ask Him to show me where there is JOY or what it actually means.......
then, in this I am learning....what that looks like.

JOY isn't a fake happy face, or pretend words that fill the air.
It isn't 
"life is wonderful, it smells like cupcakes and I love everything about everyone"

Nope. And thank goodness for that.

It's more than that. Much much more.


  1. I've found that I can find Joy in all things only in retrospective. It is that whole Romans 8:28 deal. God does work all things together for good, but we cannot always see the good. So, when I look back on my life I can find the JOY in situations because ultimately God worked them for good.

  2. You have found's just all in your perspective =).I see so much joy in those pictures. It is there!
    Now, actually seeing it, realizing it, and acting upon it...that is an entirely different beast! You are doing a great job Krystle - keep searching for it every day - you CAN find it! =).
    And hey, even finding joy in retrospect works! I find that's the easiest way for me to see it too =)

  3. my word for last year was joy and it made such a huge difference on my mothering and my life.