Happy 2 years little blog!

Two years ago today I plunked my first words on into the "blogosphere"....to no one really. 
I have always loved to write, to share to "think" through things by either typing it out and writing it down.
So, I decided to try this blog thing. 

We'd just miscarried, I had been reading Angie Smith's blog, a little prompting from a friend and Voila 

I changed things up after the babies were born and started the blog that you now know as
3 Little Men and a Mommy

I've written dumb things, silly things, inspired things, things about my kids, my husband, my heart....posted a lot of pictures and met a lot of fantastic people through this blog. 

Thanks everyone, friends and family alike for reading this, for "following" me, and for all your sweet words.

Happy 2nd Birthday little blog....and many more to come :)


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