Saturday, January 21, 2012

A day in the life of..........

I thought it'd be fun for ya if I let you in on "a day in the life of"!
I'll start off by saying, it took awhile to get here, and of course kids are always changing it up so this isn't set in stone, but it's pretty much our daily routine and routine is so so good for kids of all ages! I can't stress that enough.
I will clarify, that in the early months (0-5/6) don't worry about it. Those months are for learning your baby, mastering breastfeeding (if you are doing that) getting sleep when you can and loving on your kids. Don't stress about a schedule that early on. If you child falls into that naturally, then GREAT! You are a lucky one! But if not, you're just going to stress yourself out and also your kids. Take it from one who has done that :/

So...Jack is almost 3 1/2 and goes to Preschool three mornings a week from 8:10-11:10 and the little ones will be 1 next month. We've been on this schedule for a few months now. 
And I'll give you the "School Day Schedule" 

6:00-6:30am Everyone is up!
Jack drinks some milk on the couch with a little Disney Channel and wakes up. 
Babies drink 9oz bottles on the floor propped up by Boppy's.
Diapers are changed

7:15 Trev showers and gets ready for work
I help get Jack dressed and prepare his snack
Babies roam :)

7:30 Try to get Jack to eat, usually he'll take something in the car like a pancake. 
On non-school days he doesn't' eat until 8:00am, so I think that's why he just doesn't want to on these days.

7:50 Trev and Jack head off for school/work!

8:00 Babies and I eat breakfast
Something like eggs, waffles, pancakes, toast, bananas, pears...etc.

8:30 Get the babies dressed

9:00 Babies go down for a nap and I jump in the shower, and get ready.
Then I will do my devotions and blogging/facebook stuff. 

10:15-10:40 Babies wake 
Usually Christian is up first, then Camden

10:50 Load up car and head to get Jack from school!

11:10 Head home

11:30-11:45 Lunch
Grilled cheese, PB&J, cheese, fruits, veggies etc
I feed them all the same thing

1:00pm Nap time for all 3!!
Do housework that I can't do while they are all awake

2:00-3:00 Everyone slowly gets up, Christian usually first then Camden and then Jack

3:00-3:30 Snack time
Crackers, goldfish, cheerios etc 

3:30-5:00 During this time we may have a play-date, run errands, clean house etc

5:00 6oz bottle for babies

5:30-6:00 Dinner followed by bath on "bath day" for all 3

6:30-7:00 Bedtime for babies

We get time with Jack until bedtime which is 7:30 on school nights and 8:00 on the other nights

8:00-11:00pm is Mommy and Daddy time!
We catch up on the day, pray together, watch some TV and just relax and maybe read. :)

So, there ya go! It's busy, there are moments of absolute chaos, there are timeouts and tears and frustrations which obviously aren't on the schedule :)

We used the Weissbluth book Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child for all three and it is a wonderful book!

Like I said, I think schedules and routine are important....and an early bedtime is so crucial! It's important for their brain development and how little ones work. And that book will teach you how. They are doctors and have many many years of experience. 


  1. Oh man, your day is PACKED! :) We have Weissbluth's Twins book and just started tonight with the "check and console". Sleep deprivation is getting to me and we had to do something STAT! How long did it take for your boys?

  2. We loved and relied on the information we learned from Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child when our boys we little too. Its still the #1 book I would recommend for parents. Our boys (7 & almost 9) still go to bed between 7:30-8:00 each night and they both still take a nap on Sundays. It is amazing how protecting their sleep schedule makes such a difference!

  3. I enjoyed reading this, Krystle! Your schedule for the twins sounds alot like our schedule for Wyatt. And I love what you said about not worrying about the schedule the first several months - it took so much pressure off of me to NOT have a specific schedule in the beginning, because Wyatt was always changing things up.

  4. I LOVE the blog look! The pictures are ADORABLE!! Love, love, love!!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog! I really appreciate your input. You have some awesome points!
    I can't believe I somehow missed this post! Your days look a lot like ours. We too have a schedule that pretty much gets followed each day whether the girls are with us or with the nanny (not including the aforementioned time outs, tantrums, etc =)). Every day is busy! But it seems like it should be! Your days are busy too, and you love it! Why can't I just embrace that???
    I think trying to spread things out would be a good idea for me...if I had more than one day off during the week. With one day, I try to get everything done that day, and that is where it gets stressful and I don't get to enjoy my girls as much as I wish I did.
    You gave me a lot to think about! Thank you for commenting!!

  5. I wish I had read yours before writing mine...I just haven't had any time to read blogs lately!!!

    Your boys are adorable!