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Those words you never want to hear...

"Hi sweetie, where are you?" "Hey babe....the boys and I were in a car accident, but we are okay." Yeah. Those words.  Those words that make your heart sink and made the tears come instantly.  My boys. All of them...all four of them in the car together.  Yesterday was a crazy, full, exhausting day.  Trevor had dropped me off for a quick 15 minute appointment and was driving the kids around the block when an 87 year old lady with dogs blocking her view, pulled out into traffic and hit the driver side, passenger door where Camden sits.  SO many things to be thankful for: Trev saw her and sped up a bit, so the impact could have been worse We have a Honda Pilot so the car sits up high and the damage was to the bottom part of the door by the tire. If we had been in a sedan or other car....I don't even want to think about what would have happened. Her car is in far worse Accord. Our kids are in amazingly safe car seats. Spend the dough on safe seats...serio

Welcome, Sarah! Our first guest blogger!

I am so excited to have Sarah from Walk in Joy here today! She is a new mama who is trying to seek the joy in the small things!  She contacted me about being a guest poster and I loved her blog and her outlook, so of course I said yes!  Please make her feel welcome and after reading her fabulous post, head to her blog and start following! A Lesson on Creation When I was 6 or 7, I concocted a brilliant plan, a way to make me rich and famous. I felt so proud of myself. I grabbed a piece of paper, a pencil, and my family’s copy of Green Eggs and Ham. In my untidy first-grade scrawl, I wrote the words: “That Sam-I-am! That Sam-I-am! I do not like that Sam-I-am!” My plan was to write out, word-for-word, the entire story. I would sell it under my name, and everyone would love “my” book and acclaim me as the most talented and amazing author in the world. I think I got as far as the third or fourth page, and then I stopped. Copying an entire book took a lot more work than I thought; my hand

Now THESE are the best Chocolate Chip Cookies

I've been seeing a certain recipe on Pinterest that claims to be the "Best Chocolate Chip Cookies" and while, I have yet to make them...I just don't believe they are. Why? Because I know these are.  And thank goodness for running, because I am pretty sure I need to run a lot to work off the points I used to eat these.  Worth. It. My Mom's Very Best Most Amazing Chocolate Chip Cookies in the World 1/2 Cup shortening 1/2 Cup margarine or butter ( I always use butter) 3/4 Cup sugar 3/4 Cup brown sugar 1 tsp vanilla 1/2 tsp water Beat until creamy Add in 2 eggs and mix well Add 2 1/4 Cup flour 1 tsp baking soda 1 tsp salt and fold in 12oz ( 1 1/2 cup chocolate chips) Drop spoonfuls on to cookie sheet Place in preheated 350 degree over for 9-10 minutes NOW...I love my cookie to be pretty soft. Especially on the inside with just a slight crispy edge. So, I take mine out after 8 minutes. They won't look done, but they will set up nicely as the cool. You are welcome

Guest Posts!

I got some great response from some awesome women who would like to be a guest on my blog! I am planning on having a guest post every Friday (exuding the twins birthday of course!) through  March! !!  I have some Twin Mama's, some Mama's, a birth photographer, a photographer who is doing a giveaway, a local business woman/mom of the cutest boys who are on the autism spectrum and who also happened to have just had her house made-over by Extreme Makeover Home Edition, a few amazing posts from some of the most encouraging blogs out there and MORE!!! Excited?!?!? I am!! I'd gladly take more if you are interested and return the favor if you'd like :) It's free advertising and it's fun! Just let me know! If you liked this post, be sure to share with your friends!

Seeing in the mess....

Yesterday was awful. I woke up and from the first moment I could tell my patience tank hadn't been filled. I was running on empty and it was only breakfast time. I uttered prayers as the day began. Jack literally emptied everything he could today, on the floor.  Drawers of bowls and dishes, every toy bin, even the wipes container!! He has never done that. He was rough with his brothers, he didn't listen....he really pushed every last button of mine. To top it off, Camden fell so many times today. He's learning to stand and walk and he's so clumsy. So that on top of his top tooth being huge and swollen and white and oh so close to popping though just made it that much worse.  Christian decided not to fall asleep at his usual time which meant for the second nap, he was awake while his brothers slept and vice versa. Which meant Mommy didn't get a little break.  I needed out. I decided we'd go for a drive and Mommy would get a coffee.  I asked Jack to be a great hel

Miscellany Monday 1. So, notice anything different? look to the blog. Wanted something clean and fresh. Going to have a button designed soon and possibly a new header.  Have you checked out these two designers? Hannah Nicole Liz What do you think of the blog now? 2. Going to start a series of guest posts, if you are interested, read here and contact me! 3. I finally got out on a short run today and I'm determined to get out 2 more times this week. No matter what.  4. So, a fellow twin mama blogger that I love to follow has an Etsy shop and she just started making bow-ties for little men!!  Guess who pre-ordered two?! Ohmygoodness they are adorable. Go check out those and her other things here ! 5. We saw Beauty and the Beast with Jack last night in 3D.  One of my all time favorites and it was so awesome to take Jack. My parents stayed with the babies and we took him to Red Robin (his favorite place because of the tractor ga

Interested in guest posting?

I would love to start something new this year, and that is having Guest Posts! I'd love to give you a chance to highlight your blog and yourself here on my blog! If you are interested, I'd need to to do the following things: Send me an email at *Include your blog address  *Give me a link to a post or two that are some of your favorites. Something that shows me what you blog about, and what you are about! *And if you have a blog button, I'd love that image! Remember, this blog is about kids, boys, multiples, and growing in Christ.  So, it doesn't have to be necessarily one of those things, but it's best if it fit with my blogs mission of encouraging others, especially Moms!  After that, I will contact you and we can start discussing your post here! I'd like to do it once a month for now and see what happens! Even if your blog only has 3 followers, or if it has 500.....or if you don't think it's that great or you think it's ama

A day in the life of..........

I thought it'd be fun for ya if I let you in on "a day in the life of"! I'll start off by saying, it took awhile to get here, and of course kids are always changing it up so this isn't set in stone, but it's pretty much our daily routine and routine is so so good for kids of all ages! I can't stress that enough. I will clarify, that in the early months (0-5/6) don't worry about it. Those months are for learning your baby, mastering breastfeeding (if you are doing that) getting sleep when you can and loving on your kids. Don't stress about a schedule that early on. If you child falls into that naturally, then GREAT! You are a lucky one! But if not, you're just going to stress yourself out and also your kids. Take it from one who has done that :/ So...Jack is almost 3 1/2 and goes to Preschool three mornings a week from 8:10-11:10 and the little ones will be 1 next month. We've been on this schedule for a few months now.  And I'll

How's that JOY thing comin?

My word for the year is JOY.  How has that worked out so far?  I will tell you what, it sure has kept my focus.  We've finally caught a break from the sicknesses, the colds and the stomach bugs.  Trev's finally back into a routine at work and I'm starting to run again.  I am not saying it's easy to seek JOY, to count it all JOY. In fact, it's ridiculously hard.  And at some points in my day while the kids are screaming, pulling on my hair (them not me) trying to clean up all while realizing I haven't eaten yet....I wonder.  Is this even possible? To see JOY in all things. To demand JOY in my life. To set up my kids to feel JOY in the midst of our day. To make my home filled with JOY. No. It's not possible.  It just isn't...if I'm the one trying to make it that way. I fail. I let my emotions get the best of me, I let the situation control me and I forget. I forget to live and breathe and be. So, I'm learning that I cannot seek JOY in all things. B

Happy 2 years little blog!

Two years ago today I plunked my first words on into the "blogosphere" no one really.  I have always loved to write, to share to "think" through things by either typing it out and writing it down. So, I decided to try this blog thing.  We'd just miscarried, I had been reading Angie Smith's blog, a little prompting from a friend and Voila  These are but the fringes.. .was born. I changed things up after the babies were born and started the blog that you now know as 3 Little Men and a Mommy I've written dumb things, silly things, inspired things, things about my kids, my husband, my heart....posted a lot of pictures and met a lot of fantastic people through this blog.  Thanks everyone, friends and family alike for reading this, for "following" me, and for all your sweet words. Happy 2nd Birthday little blog....and many more to come :)


Have you read t his girl's blog ? You should. And then you should look at her photography and made design skills, and then you should look and see how old she is. And you will be blown away. I have followed her and her Mama's blog f or awhile now and I won a design makeover on my first blog from Hannah. They are always both encouraging and inspiring. Check em out.  Hannah posted this , and I thought I'd go ahead and do the same.  Here I AM I AM… me, what you see is what you get. I WANT… to do more than just what's comfortable and known....I've done that for 28 years's getting old.  I HAVE… the best family in the world, for real I KEEP… every card Trevor ever gave me, and most art projects Jack does. I WISH I COULD…travel more, lots more. I HATE…being late, fakeness, and dry hands. I FEAR… heights and turbulence. I HEAR… what you don't say. I hear it in your eyes.  I DON'T THINK… that I will ever have the patience of Michelle Duggar, although I

11 Months

11 month update Holy smokes or as jack would say hokey smokes. I feel like Ferris Bueller Indeed it is moving fast, faster than I'd like!! I'm in party planning mode, and am super excited about the theme we've picked.  We know that as their 1st birthday, they won't remember a darn thing. BUT we are celebrating a year of life, making it through this first year, and thanking the many many people who helped us get to the big milestone! And my family likes a good party :) Camden He loves food Camden has proven that often, he will be the last to start...but either the first to finish or catch up and you'd never know he'd started behind. He's the one who dropped to 4.14lbs...yet he now weighs almost 19lbs, is right on and creeping above the 10% on the growth chart! He was the last to grasp with his hands, and the last to pincer grasp, the one with the worst reflux.. but he's the one who shovels all the food down and loves to eat only table food. Last to crawl,

Honey- Honeybee Action Giveaway

Entering my picture of "Honey" to win some sweet actions from an awesome twin mama who has awesome twin boys just like mine. Here are two of my honey's....and Camden's nickname is Bear, like Pooh Bear...who loves Honey. It fits. Add caption

Multitudes and Miscellany

It's nearing the end of Monday, Multitude Monday. And I'm just now able to sit at this computer. I came down with the stomach flu last night, and Trev woke up with it. So we were both feeling awful today. But I tried, even in the midst of my discomfort and pain to seek the JOY. I was so thankful that I had a toilet to use, and that that toilet wasn't also my shower water. I was thankful for my amazing family who came over and helped with the boys so we could rest.  I'm thankful for blue Gatorade staying down. And boy am I thankful that the stomach bug doesn't' last long. Jack had it last week, 24hrs...two days later Christian had it. So...Camden seems to be the only escapee so far and I've bleach everything in site!! I haven't run in 3 weeks. I got that nasty cold, then my eyes had an allergic reaction and got infected, and then last week I got in one short run but my energy was gone. And now this....I feel I'm being sabotaged!!! Got to get back into

One Thousand Gifts in 2012

It started as a challenge for one woman.  It turned into a life altering experience  which then turned into a book  and then a worldwide change of perspective. I had heard about this book last year, by so many different sources. But I knew I wouldn't have the time to read it when I first saw it (babies were about to make their debut) Toward the end of the year, I went ahead and bought it for my NOOK. First chapter in and I'm in tears. End of the book and I'm challenged beyond belief, I have clarity for things I had been clouded by and my entire perspective on life.  Seriously. Sounds cliche maybe, but it's true. I'm not a bandwagon person. I'm either completely sold because I experienced it firsthand or I don't buy it. I'm sold people. So, in addition to my One Word for the year, I am taking the challenge. The challenge to write down, on paper, One Thousand Gifts. That's 3 a day. Some of the gifts I've written down? Crisp mornings while on a run