Monday, November 21, 2011

Where I'm From

I am from the wet green city, from libraries and board games, diaries and crazy socks.
From Barbie's and bike rides.
I am from the 70's carpet and steep driveway, red roses and running through sprinklers.
I am from Sunday potlucks and loud laughs.  
From Holtz's and Suttons and Clingmans. From Beulah and Gertrude.
I am from worry and stubbornness.

I am from fierce love.
From reading books and weekend visits to Grandparent's.
I am from sanctification, from bended knees and complete surrender.
I'm from Oregon and Revolutionary Heroes, and the first Doctor in Colorado. 
 From canned green beans and fresh pressed cider. From famous cookies and hot rolls on Thanksgiving.
From the Air Force guy who fell in love with his best friend's sister, the German's and their Babka and dimples.
I am from high school journals with tattered photos, year books and keepsake boxes holding in them moments, tears, laughs and love.


  1. love it! beautiful. I want everyone I know to do this. Enjoy your vacay!

  2. After I read this I knew I had to do my own right away!!! I just posted mine :) It was sort of hard! But I still had fun :) I think yours sounds wayyyy more poetic!