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Oh me oh my, 9 months have flown by!!

There was I time when I thought the days would drag on forever, and here I am writing their
"9 month post"

It's incredible and amazing.
Let's hop to it!


Mr. Bear
Not feeling the camera :)

This kid wakes up happy 100% of the time. Always a smile to greet you.
He has two adorable teeth on the bottom and is finally starting to try and move!!
He will pull himself, ever so slowly, along the floor like an army guy in the trenches.
He doesn't go far because he gets so dang frustrated, but he is trying.
He will get up on his knees and rock a bit, but his arms aren't super strong yet so it's mostly his bottom half.
He doesn't like feeling left out, seeing Jack and Christian roaming all around the house and gets sad, but I think before too long he will be joining them.
He's so funny, he still topples over sometimes when sitting so we have to make sure there are no dangerous things around to bonk his head on haha.

He will eat puffs and cheerios, but because of his reflux issues, he still likes things quite blended up.
Jack was the same way and I thought I'd forever be blending his food...and we just kept at it and by 12 months he was on full finger table food! So we will keep trying :)

He loves to spit, do raspberries, clap his hands, watch Jack, eat, sleep and he is without a doubt, a mama's boy.
He is happiest in my arms and if I'm in the room and not with him, he let's me know he is not pleased.
His eyes are staying super blue, and his hair is sooo blonde.
He used to look a lot like Jack's baby pictures.
But he doesn't anymore.
We aren't quite sure who he looks like, but he's the cutest.
He's in 6-9 month clothes and we need to go buy some 12 month footie pj's!!

Camden Stats:
Weight: 16lbs 13.4oz!
He went from the 5% to almost the 10% in 3 months.
So funny, because he feels so huge to us, especially compared to Christian, and yet...he's still small compared to the "average".
I look at him and remember him as this 4lb 14oz little man and am so happy to see his rolls :)

Height: 27.8 inches!!!
He went from the 5% to the 25% in 3 months! She actually had them remeasure to make sure because it was such a huge jump!


Mr. String Bean Long and Lean

This kid goes all day long. He wakes up screaming and ready to hit the floor running!
He doesn't stop moving.
He has no fear and he is persistent.
He's cruising along furniture, digging into everything he can find and if he sees you are coming to get him, he crawls faster away from you.
He and Jack totally play together.
In fact, you can often hear Jack calling for him

"Christian, I'm over here. Come over here and see me!"
"I'm having a party Christian!"

Jack loves to make him laugh and they totally play on the ground in "semi-wrestle" mode (parent supervised of course) and tickle and squirm and are just silly.
Makes this mama happy.

He likes to hold his own bottle and he still loves solids best.
He's doing finger foods, and does really well with chunks of bananas, peas etc.
He'll be easy to transition.
Trying to give them sippy cups at meal times, but they just want to chew on them :)

He is STILL in 3-6 month clothes....and fits perfectly in Carter's 6 months for shirts. But he's the pants are short! What a conundrum haha!

He eats just as much as Camden, if not more and he is doing so well in all other aspects of development that his skinny self is not a concern.
Plus, I looked in my baby book and I weighed the exact same at his age :)

Christian Stats:

Weight: 14lbs 12oz
He is still not on the growth chart, but each month he is closer and closer!

Height: 27 1/4 inches!!!
He went from the 5th% to a little below the 25%! Long and lean :)
And she noted he has long feet!

Our days go like this:

6:00-7:00am Wake Up
6:30ish Bottle (6oz)
Play Time
8:00 Oatmeal with 3oz mixed in
Get Dressed
9:00 Nap
Christian will sleep anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half
Camden will sleep at least an hour, and sometimes I wake him at 10:45 to go get Jack on school days
Play/Diaper Change/Get Jack
11:00-11:30 Bottle (4-6oz)
12:30- Lunch (either fruit or veggie and protein)
1:00 Nap time for ALL boys!!!
Again, they will sleep about the same
Play time/run errands/playdates
3:30-4:30 Bottle (5-6oz)
5:15 Dinner or Bath depending on if it's bath night
5:30 PJ's
6:00 Bedtime

The boys made the early bedtime and I'm working on getting them closer to 7:00pm little by little so we can start going to Saturday night church again :)

SO.....that's the scoop!
We have family pictures on Friday and we are just 19 days away from our dream trip to Disneyland!

These are exciting and amazing times in our family and we feel so very blessed!!


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