Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November November

Tis my favorite month of the year!
And this year is more special than most!

Why may you ask?

Wait, before that....Halloween cuteness:

Captain America and my lil Firefighter
Christian, Camden

Okay, back to why this month is so awesome.
It started yesterday with Jack's first field trip and to the Pumpkin Patch no less!
Thanks to my parents for watching the little men, Trev and I both got to go.

It was so dang cold, Jack was in tears by the end of it...his hands were like ice.
And the farmer's were great and you can tell they get a ton of school field trips out there.
But these kids are 3 years have to move quick, keep it interesting and don't talk about the Civil War for 3 minutes or stop the totally cool hayride, to get off and show how an old washing machine works which takes approx 2.5 minutes and you've already lost their attention span.

Just fyi

But...I did snag some cute pics

First bus ride.
Totally not impressed with me snapping pictures already.....
Corn maze

Hayride. Cold....antsy to get moving.

He first found a small (very small) green smushy pumpkin....I made him put that back
Trying to get a "class picture" yeah...that was funny.

Then, Tuesday night,  my soon (soon as in 37 days away) to be brother-in-law's Birthday!
And my sister did a "Milk and Cookies" theme, it was so fun.

This weekend have our Annual Church Christmas Bazaar

Its one of the top bazaar's in the valley, it's amazing!
Usually my Mom and her best friend run the bake sale and I work with them.
But with my Mom's health this year, they stepped back from that and are just manning their booth of knitted goods as vendors, so I will help with that!

Then we are having family pictures with the lovely Lacie at

 (newly changed name) Lacie Lauree Photography 

and I am so excited, I cannot stand it. The babies are at a great age for this and I've been scouring Pinterest for fun ideas.

My Birthday is the 17th, and I will be....

I love Birthdays. We celebrate them by the week month here.

Next comes Jack's Thanksgiving program at school :) Too much cuteness.

And then it's Thanksgiving, and my sister and I are undertaking the task this year for the first time and we are so excited!!
I've been collecting recipes and tutorials and I am ready!
Then shopping, can't forget shopping...even if we don't buy a thing we still go out.
And then....we pack and leave for

It's only been in the works for like 3 years.
So so so so so so so excited.

And there is the leaves turning, the pumpkin spice lattes, the pumpkin bread and apple cider
The crisp mornings, the gorgeous sunsets, sweaters and scarves and hats and boots oh my

It is my favorite month ever.
Except for the sickness. We are still wiping snot around here......

Happy November!!!!!


  1. i really do love this month, too! it feels so festive everywhere. we are getting family pictures done soon... by a friend for free - so excited! : )

    your boys are as cute as ever.

    disneyland?! so jealous. in a nice way!

    i love craft fairs. it's like etsy in real life!

  2. You have a full month! I am soooo excited for Disneyland for you. Oh the pictures you will take! Your little guys are so cute already that with Disneyland it will equal picture magic. I am sorry you still have sickness in your house. We totally need electronic booger suckers. I am going to look into it =-)

  3. Saying hi from the Twin Multiples site. I'm a fellow twin mom blogger. Love the blog!