Fun List

There's really nothing I need.
But it is fun to browse the web and find things that you would like.
I mean, who doesn't do that?!
Especially with Pinterest's this long list of fun wants and ideas.

Here is what I'm crushing on right now.
If you are crushing on these as well, click the pictures to take you to them :)

These have only been on my "wish list" since 7th grade....

I finally settled on the camera I want! Yay!
Now to sell all my crap  stuff on craigslist to pay for it!
And it's $300 less than the first one I found, and it will suit my needs just fine.


shut. up.

Oh my goodness, have you seen these!?!? I just entered to win one (crossing fingers) but if I don''s so on my list.
Go check them out!!
Legacy Bracelet

Don't you love this bag?!

What about you? Do you have a fun wish list that may or may not ever be fulfilled but it's just fun?
What kinds of things do you have on there?


  1. Oh, love the bracelet and bag! And I think I need to get that welcome mat for my brother - we're big Star Wars fans in this family. :-)

  2. Oh that camera is making me drool!!! Lol :) Thanks so much for commenting on my blog you were definitely an encouragement! I am pregnant with our first son and it was so neat to see you have THREE! That is so cooL :)


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