Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pregnancy And Infant Loss Remembrance Day

I could think of 10
10 of my friends
have had a miscarriage
And a few of them have had more than one
And there could be others that I don't even know about.
Just in my group of friends.

It is definitely a hard thing to explain to someone who hasn't miscarried.
The connection you feel to someone you haven't met.
The loss of something that you kind of never had...
a very strange thing.
I didn't get it, until I had miscarried.

We got to see our little one's heartbeat, it was beating away.
I'm thankful we did see that, but it made it that much harder.

I believe when we get to heaven we are going to meet that little one.
I believe life starts at conception, at that very moment.
And so yes, there is a little person waiting for us.
And that makes me smile.

The women I know who have lost, they are the full spectrum.
Some never did see the heartbeat
Some carried almost full term
Some even had their babies...
Either way, it's something you will always carry with you.

I wanted something tangible to remember this little one by, so soon after the miscarriage I got this necklace.
And it came with this little poem...

My little one
You have left us too soon
Though my body can no longer hold you
I hold you forever in my heart
As precious and beautiful as this flower caught in time
A mother's love does not forget

Today we remember
I lit a little candle today, and hugged my boys extra tight


  1. sweet words ... as a mama who has walked the journey of miscarriage, i get totally when you say it's hard to understand until you've walked through it ... dark, sad, heavy memories.
    thank GOD for redemption and overwhelming blessing, huh?
    love and hugs,

  2. beautiful poem.

    I am sorry for your loss, and I too believe your baby is waiting for you in Heaven. We lost our first child 2+ years ago and look forward to seeing her again.