Saturday, October 1, 2011

October Is....

This means more to me now than ever before.

Ladies, do your self exams.
That is the only way my Mom's was caught.
Mammogram missed it.
Ultrasound didn't see it until she pointed it out.

Self exam every month, and don't wait if something isn't right.

My Mom started chemo two weeks ago.
I still can't believe it happened to my Mom.

She is handling it with grace and we all have peace.

Mom, with her sassy pink hair, my sister and me.


  1. what a beautiful Momma you have! The color of the picture makes it hard to see that her hair is pink, but I'm sure it looks fabulous :) My grandma had breast cancer when she was 60 but she's now a healthy 87. Thank you for the reminder about exams. It's so true that we need to remember that all important part of our health routine! You 3 women are lovely! What a gorgeous picture!