Monday, October 10, 2011

Miscellany Monday

1) I've hosted two giveaways this past week, and I have another tomorrow....and two more coming!! Be looking out for those!

2) We did the pumpkin patch thing this past weekend. Same pumpkin patch....more kiddos. Next year is gonna be a blast!

I just love this shot.

He was so cute...trying to find a pumpkin. Most in the field were "too big" so we settled for a baking pumpkin he found in the store. Just his size :)

Same patch
2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011!!!


3) I added little buttons to find me on Facebook and Twitter over there on the right! Thank you Liz! Check out her design page, Sweet Simplicity Designs she's got super cute designs for affordable prices!!

4) We went through Jack's old winter hats and shoes for the boys....I couldn't resist....
Lil Penguin

Elmer Fudd...doesn't he look thrilled?!

 5) I'm down almost 18lbs. And guess what, when my WW subscription needed to be renewed, I went ahead and looked at some settings. Guess what. Somehow it got set to MAINTAIN CURRENT WEIGHT!!! What the heck?!?! I was none to pleased. Basically, it's a miracle I've even lost any! So...I reset that and now hope to see even better results :)

6) Did I mention Christian was on the move? Yeah...and pulling himself up onto things annnnndddd...then letting go. Oh boy.

7) I got to go to church yesterday. And my WHOLE family was there. It was wonderful. My Mom looks ridiculously cute in her hats. Speaking of for a post later this week about these awesome hats and find out where you can get one or two!!

8) My babies are 8 months old today!!! What!? And YAY!! I will be doing a post on that Wednesday :) Since today is all about Miscellany and Tuesday is a GIVEAWAY!  Too much fun.


  1. 8 months old?! wow!!! you've made it so far already. you are a pro. they look so absolutely handsome in those hats. bring on the cold weather!

    what fun that you have so many pumpkin patch memories!

    18 lbs is a big deal. go YOU! that is great. and now that your settings are fixed, imagine how much easier it will be.

  2. Wow - congrats on the 18lbs! That's fantastic!

    Your very first pumpkin shot is awesome -- definitely one to print & frame!