Sunday, October 30, 2011

Blog Love

I don't have a huge blogroll, I just don't have to time to pour over dozens and dozens of blogs. I could, but I probably wouldn't remember who's was who's and comment and all that. But I really do love reading them, they come in all shapes and sizes. Meeting different needs and interests and it's just fascinating.

I wanted to highlight a couple blogs for ya and have you check them out (when you have time!)

This girl is blogging from Haiti. She's there teaching missionary kids and serving along side them. Her posts are beautiful and leave you wanting for more.

This Mama of 6 is like the homeschooling guru if I ever saw one. She's honest, and inspiring. And she documents herself getting into shape, she's amazing!

This Mama writes beautifully, has awesome pictures and shares a lot about her youngest son and his struggle with Celiac disease. You will always be encouraged and challenged after you read her stuff. Her daughter also has a great blog, and does blog design as well!

She is a worship pastor's wife (yay!) has two adorable children and is so honest, and real and seriously...I love every one of her posts!!

This blog is a newer one for me, she has an incredible story that inspired an incredible ministry....go check it out!

There are dozens more I love, go click on the tab "Blogs I Follow" to see  few more!


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