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Blog Love

I don't have a huge blogroll, I just don't have to time to pour over dozens and dozens of blogs. I could, but I probably wouldn't remember who's was who's and comment and all that. But I really do love reading them, they come in all shapes and sizes. Meeting different needs and interests and it's just fascinating. I wanted to highlight a couple blogs for ya and have you check them out (when you have time!) This girl is blogging from Haiti. She's there teaching missionary kids and serving along side them. Her posts are beautiful and leave you wanting for more. This Mama of 6 is like the homeschooling guru if I ever saw one. She's honest, and inspiring. And she documents herself getting into shape, she's amazing! This Mama writes beautifully, has awesome pictures and shares a lot about her youngest son and his struggle with Celiac disease. You will always be encouraged and challenged after you read her stuff. Her daughter also has a great blog, and

Trunk or Treat

I love Trunk or Treat Church parking lot lined with cars, trunks open decorated in everything you could ever imagine. Live music with the youth band Free food Jumphouse Free candy Open to the whole community My favorite trunks this year were: A "barnyard" trunk...hay bales, a huge wooden barn with animals and the dad was dressed like a cowboy and the Mom had an awesome square-dancing dress on. It was awesome! A few Star Wars trunks, one with "shoot the Sith Lord" haha Oregon Ducks trunks, one had a mini pool with ducks in it and you got to pick one, and depending on the mark on the bottom you could get more than one piece of candy! A trunk with adorable little old ladies at it, with their red hats and purple shirts passing out gobs of candy. And on and on and on. Here are a few pictures of my kiddos and friends! Despite all having yucky colds, they did well. They just don't look too thrilled :) Christian, Camden and Jack :) My friend has fraternal twin girls 12


Changes. It's that time of year when the changing of the season is quite drastic. Some seasons come and go quickly, before you even realize it. Autumn is slow here.  First you see a few leaves changing on the tops of trees... The next week the entire tree has turned color. From a rich Oregon green to a deep red, burnt orange, Peeps yellow. 2009 And they fall, crunch beneath your feet. Trees are bare. Cold. Seemingly lifeless. The amazing thing is, we all know that in a few short months these same trees will perk up with little buds of greens and pinks and yellows and new life will branch out, once again staking it's claim until the next Autumn rolls around... I see changes in more than just the trees these days. I see changes in my Jack. He is learning so much at school, and at home. The words he says, the things that run through his little brain. They all show me he is growing, changing. I can't hold him tight enough. Pray for him hard enough. 2010 The babies. Every day th

Oh hey! has been way too long. You'll know why in a bit. Before I fill ya in...if any of you are interested in purchasing something I highlighted in a giveaway, email me at and I can get you in touch! So....let's see We took a little day trip, just to get out of town. It was the best family trip we have had since we took Jack to the Zoo and I was 20 weeks pregnant. It was near perfect. I helped host my little sister's bridal shower. It was so much fun!! She's so beautiful. Sickness has stuck again. Actually it never left. All 3 boys were sick. All got better. Trev got the flu. He got better and then the boys got colds again. Jack and Camden got better, Christian did not. Christian developed walking pneumonia, got on antibiotics. Jack got a cold again. Shared with Camden. Who shared with Christian. So Christian is still taking antibiotics for the walking pneumonia and now has a cold on top of that. It's been over a month now that we had ev

Little Wagon Bleu Winner!

 The winner of the Little Wagon Bleu giveaway is: True Random Number Generator Min: Max:     Result: 2 Congrats to: Amber anderson said... I am a Facebook fan! October 15, 2011 8:13 AM Thank you to everyone who entered! I will be doing a re-cap later this weekend! :)

Beauticontrol Winner

  Winner of the Beauticontrol giveaway is MJ with comment number 20!     True Random Number Generator Min: Max: Result: 20 Powered by RANDOM.ORG     Congrats! Contact me to claim your prize!     There is one more giveaway still going, until tomorrow night! Click here!

Miscellany Monday

1) Nothing cuter than Superman playing cars. We did have a rough moment earlier in the day when he realized that even with his cape on, he couldn't fly. 2) My birthday is a month from today . Just sayin' 3) I have two giveaways going. One ends tonight and the other ends Wednesday !! 4) Babies are still sick , coughs keeping them up at night. I've done the nasal saline, Tylenol, booger sucker outer, humidifier, Vick's on the feet and chest etc etc...any other ideas??? 5) We had a "pink party" with a bunch of my Mom's friends (there were 22 of us!!), just to celebrate life and her and remind everyone to do your self exams!! Doctor didn't catch it, mammogram didn't catch it, ultrasound didn't catch it until my Mom  showed them where she was feeling the lump.... so it's up to you!! 6) Did I mention we will be here next month? Oh...well, we will :) Disney's Grand Californian Hotel and Spa 7) I've used this program before wh

Pregnancy And Infant Loss Remembrance Day

I could think of 10 10 of my friends have had a miscarriage And a few of them have had more than one And there could be others that I don't even know about. Just in my group of friends. It is definitely a hard thing to explain to someone who hasn't miscarried. The connection you feel to someone you haven't met. The loss of something that you kind of never had... a very strange thing. I didn't get it, until I had miscarried. We got to see our little one's heartbeat, it was beating away. I'm thankful we did see that, but it made it that much harder. I believe when we get to heaven we are going to meet that little one. I believe life starts at conception, at that very moment. And so yes, there is a little person waiting for us. And that makes me smile. The women I know who have lost, they are the full spectrum. Some never did see the heartbeat Some carried almost full term Some even had their babies... Either way, it's something you will always carry with you.

Little Wagon Bleu Giveaway

Some people are just crafty. I am not. But I have crafty friends!! One of my dear friends Keri has a little shop called Little Wagon Bleu Isn't that the cutest name ever?!?! She makes journals, recipe books, planners, baby books, wedding guest books, small notebooks, scripture blocks, autograph books for Disneyland etc etc etc!!! Here are a few of her items: Small notebook Datebook, and the actual planner inside is refillable! Recipe book!! Journal  Scripture block. It's a magnetic board, the flower is a magnet and there are extra scripture cards on the back side!  And this is just a sample of what she does/can do! She is still working on getting her new website up and running, but she IS taking orders! Journals run from $20-$30 dollars, depending on what you want. Since everything is customizable it prices vary. Date books are $40, but reusable Small notebooks are $6.50 Etc :) If you are interested in purchasing something, contact me and I can put you through to her until h

Ergo Teething Pads Winner!

Winner of the Ergo Teething Pads is True Random Number Generator Min: Max: Result: 6 Powered by RANDOM.ORG     Samantha said... I am a follower of your blog October 12, 2011 10:19 AM Yay Samantha!!! Email me by tomorrow morning to claim your prize!! :)

BeautiControl Giveaway!

Have you heard of BeautiControl? This is an incredible line of skin care products that truly work ! It's skin care, bath and body, makeup and men's care! When I was pregnant a friend of mine who sells this came over and pampered me and a few friends, and then I started using the face system just before the babies were born. It did wonders. Then I ran out, and I put it off and my skin got bad again. And then about 2 weeks ago I started using it again. Wow. A visible difference in just two weeks. It looks better and feels better! Face Lift Line I am super picky about my skincare items, and I don't buy just anything.  Plus, I still struggle with breakouts. This stuff not only smells amazing, and makes my skin feel incredibly soft, but it does it's job. They have a huge line that you will have to check out, just go over to their website and browse around! You can see if there is a consultant in your area and host a spa party!!! Today I am giving away a Chocolate Indulgence

Dabrowski Designs

I just wanted to take a moment and share with you about Dabrowski Designs!! My Mom was looking for some hats to wear while she is going through chemo. We contacted Lisa through her website and were able to purchase several items! Lisa hand paints and embellishes hats and beanies. She also makes adorable headbands and flowers for your hair! They are adorable. And they fit any head size! There are so many options to choose from, including Duck and Beaver hats!! So fun! She was incredible gracious, allowing us to have a little party and try on all sorts of hats. And in the end, my Mom, her best friend and myself ended up with several! Take a second to head over to Lisa's site and let her know if you'd like to order a hat for yourself or somebody you love! Here is MY hat! Some other designs.... South Medford Panthers! How cute is this?! One of many flower headbands...   Hello cute snowboarding chick!! For Breast Cancer Awareness! Beaver or Duck! Just several of the cadets! All pi

8 Months Old

The littlest of my men are 8 months old now. The coolest part of this is that from here on out I can really really remember Jack, what he looked like and what he did, ate, drank, slept etc. So that just makes it all the more fun!! We don't have a well baby check up until next month, so no official stats. But here are what the boys are up to! Camden Camden sleeps amazingly. He goes to bed around 6pm and sleeps until 6:00am or later. To keep them on the same schedule I usually have to wake Camden up! I don't let them sleep past 7:00am for schedule purposes. He cut his first tooth on October 8th and his second one is almost through!! No wonder he hasn't been eating much. A little fussy, and not interested in eating and super sleepy. But otherwise he's done great! He hates being on his tummy. He rolls over and then just gets really really mad. He is no where near becoming mobile haha! He is sitting much better, can do like 10-15 minutes at a time, but still isn't total

My Birthday Present (early)

You probably know by now I love The Vintage Pearl I got my first piece as a Mother's Day gift after the littles were born. And I just got my second piece in the mail a few days ago, and early birthday gift! I had a gift certificate (because they featured my picture on their blog !) and they were having a sale!!  I recently finished this book and I wanted something tangible, visible for me to see and remember to always give thanks in all things So this is what I got I love love love it  for some reason my arms look extra hairy in this...i am not an ape i promise

Giveaway #3 Ergo Accessory

Do you have an Ergo carrier?   You know how the little ones love to suck/chew on those straps??!! Well, Ergo sells little teething or sucking pads to protect your straps and lengthen the life of your Ergo.  But they are spendy. ($14-20 a pair!!) And they plain and boring. Trev with the black Ergo and awesome teething pads! Camden in the brown Ergo with super cute sucking pads! How about some totally cute strap covers (aka sucking pads ) to slip on your Ergo?! If you don't have an Ergo, you probably know someone who does. They are the best and healthiest way to carry your child around! It is the very best for their spine and leg development.  Check our their website ! These are washable Mandatory Entry: Become a Google follower of my blog and let me know in a comment! Extra Entries (one comment per entry) Become a fan of 3 Little Men and a Mommy on Facebook and leave a comment telling me you are! Follow 3 Little Men and a Mommy on Twitter and leave a comment telling me you are!