Suggestions Please!

So with my sweet boy in preschool 3 mornings a week, it means that I will have a little time to myself while the babies are napping!
I would love to fill this time with the Word.
I am looking for a great Bible Study to go with it!

If you didn't know, I'm a huge Beth Moore stalker fan, but I haven't yet done all of her studies.
So, I would love your suggestions!
One of Beth's?
Or what else have you done that has been impactful?!

I don't mind homework, but if there is some, I want it to dig deep. No fluffy stuff.

So....leave a comment and let me know!

Thank ya!


  1. I have done the 'Woman after God's Own Heart". It's a good one, but I would have liked the supplementary material to have been more in depth. I'll ask my mom which study she did. It was a good one from what I remember.

  2. I have done almost of all her studies and for sure there is NO fluff! I just finished doing a small group with So Long, Insecurity. Life changing for us all.

    Loved Esther... and Daniel... and the Patriarchs... and Woman after God's Own Heart... and ...

  3. priscilla shirer's studies have been so impactful for me ... "discerning the voice of GOD" and "He speaks to me" were 2 of the deepest, most transformative studies i've ever done.

  4. Last year our Mom's Bible Study read Coffee With the Savior.
    It was good. There was some digging, and some soul searching, and the examples were not what I would have expected in a Women's Study.


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