Thursday, September 1, 2011

Some pics and things....

I woke up to a crisp morning and I am so ready for fall. It will be around 100 this weekend, but the last few days have been much cooler. I was oh so tempted to decorate for fall since it is September 1st and all....but I will make myself wait a few more weeks!!

I wanted to thank those of you who voted for my picture to win, guess what....I won! By ONE vote! So thank you thank you thank you. If you didn't vote for me, well.....I suppose I shall forgive you :)

I gave my friend her camera back (insert weeping) but before I did, I snapped some more pics of the babies. She said we can borrow it whenever, so nice, but someday I will have my own. Until then......

How cute are these boys?!?!

Little personalities shining through....

No picture taking session is complete without Christian trying to eat Camden




  1. they are absolutely beautiful! soo precious!! great pics. :)

  2. Your little guys are looking like such little men! I love the pic of Jack and the little boys. So fun.

    Thanks for the encouragement. I really appreciated the post you did about honesty in our struggles. And I am thinking of and praying for your mom!