Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Not Quite Wordless Wednesday

Jack can unlock the front door and the screen door in like no time, and given the fact that he is a trusting 3 year, he likes to invite everyone in.
Usually it's just family, but every now and then it's some random person who ignores the
And we obviously just couldn't risk it being someone worse.



Jack is loving school!!! He came home singing a song yesterday I had never heard. I loved it!
This morning he says
"I want to tell Mrs. Kolp that I love her"
Melt my stinkin' heart!!!

Okay, so these next photos preceded a video I took. I will work on uploading it, but it's a few minutes long. It is seriously hilarious.
Camden just moves his legs back and forth the entire time, and just stares at them like he's been hypnotized.
While Christian hams it up for the camera, smiling, giggling, trying to eat his brother.
It is so funny.

Happy Wednesday!
I'm about to pour my third cup of coffee thanks to the 4:45am wake up call.

Notice Camden....

Still with the feet...

Totally mezmorized...
A rare break from feet staring...


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