Monday, September 19, 2011

Miscellany Monday

1) 7 months in and we are no longer getting up in the middle of the night! Woo-hoooo! Ah, I knew it would happen (nice thing about having an older child, gives you perspective) but boy it feels good!

2) This Friday is the official beginning of FALL!!! My most favorite season of all!

Fall 2009 Catching Memories

3) I am pretty excited about Halloween costumes this year! Totally fun thinking of what to put the 3 boys in! And my idea is gonna be cheap! Bonus! Here are the last 3 years of costumes....

Jack, totally thrilled. He was 2 months old :)

Max from Where the Wild Things Are. He was the HIT of our Trunk or Treat at church. My friend Helen made his costume.

Last year, The Mystery Inc Game with the cutest Scooby ever!! :)

4) I decided on this Bible Study by Priscilla Shirer! Very excited to dig in...seem to fit where my life is at right now.
photo from

5) We had family pictures taken last night. The entire family....all 9 of us (plus my Mom's best friend who is part of the family too!)
My Mom really want these before she started chemo, and to just document this time in the journey. It was past the babies bedtime, but it actually went so smooth and it was a really great time!
Can't wait to show you them all!!
Thanks to Mike and Keri Williams for loving on us!

6) As of last week I was down
Pounds that is! Tomorrow is my next weigh in :)

Have a Happy Monday
Love me some OshKosh!


  1. that last picture just melts my heart!!! your family is so handsome! and you are beautiful.

    wow... sleeping through the night! yay! i bet you feel like a new woman. that is always my favorite milestone. : )