Monday, September 26, 2011

Miscellany Monday

miscellany monday

1) 3 children + colds = kinda lame weekend.

2) The Vintage Pearl is having a sale! Clearing out some stuff to make room for new stuff! Also there is a coupon code for 20% off your entire order, sale items or not! Birthday present is coming early.....

Looks like this...but with different words :)

3) Even though they are sick and stayed in PJ's all weekend....aren't they just so darn cute!? I love how they are looking at their big brother.
Their Dad is a hottie

4) Ok, seriously, this kid is cracking me up! And he's crawling everywhere. I thought I had more time to childproof...I was wrong

5) So, I am a few 'followers' away from 100. Remember the giveaways I said I was gonna do....yep...still gonna happen.
Here are some hints...

Have an Ergo?

6) I love coffee

The End


  1. I love all the pics of your boys. I have 3 boys too!

  2. coofffeeee. I share your love. Decaf is totally doin' it for me which I never thought would happen, but I can't wait to be back on the good, strong stuff :)

  3. Your kids are adorable, even if they aren't feeling great! Never been to the "vintage pearl" but will check it out. Lisa Leonard is a favorite designer of mine. She does similar work.

    Hope your birthday package arrives safely and soon! I love knowing a new treasure is coming in the mail.