Saturday, September 3, 2011

Football is HERE!!

Football season has arrived...woo-hoo!!!!Tonight the Ducks play.
In Oregon, it's the Ducks (University of Oregon)
 and the Beavers (Oregon State University) that are the biggies.

My Mom was brought up Beaver, and my Dad a Duck.
Now that is some serious business. Like, cross-contamination.
But, they've made their unequally yoked marriage work.

Now, being a child of a mixed family...I have been torn. Really, I have been a Beaver most of my life...because my Uncles would have it no other way.
But (and I know I will make my Beaver family cringe right now, and I just hope they still love me)
I love the Ducks too.


So, our boys will be allowed to choose, once they are of age. But for now, we will give them options.
Since the Ducks play today.............

And don't worry Beaver lovers......when they play, you will be satisfied :)