Extreme Home Makeover....Complete!

I have to be honest with ya, before the thing that is Extreme Makeover Home Edition landed in our town, I had my doubts. I was skeptical of this thing called "reality TV" because what we know now, is that all too often, nothing about reality TV is real anymore. It's staged.
So, I wondered. How much of this is real and how much is Hollywood. I wondered if it really happened in 7 days. I assumed the network footed the bill for this and there was a ton of Hollywood magic to make it happen.
Boy was I ever wrong.
And I was happy to be so!!

Let me fill ya in....

This family that I wrote about here was nominated along with several others in the area. They knew for awhile they were on the "short list" to receive the makeover. But they did not know they had won, until that special knock on the door!!! For real! I always thought they somehow knew! You should see the pictures of their faces full of tears when they answered that door! Incredible! Knowing two of their sons were autistic they handled the "knock" and all the hoopla to follow in a way that catered to their needs. I'm sure they will edit some for the show, but know that behind the scene, they took great care in how the celebrated this, respecting the needs of these kids! Kudos right there!
They really were whisked away to Hawaii for a vacation!

And here is the coolest part of all.
This is a community event.
Contractors, builders, upholsters, landscapers, artists, furniture stores, appliance stores and on and on.
They donated their time.
They donated money.
Businesses from all over our valley have stepped up for this incredible cause!

Our community sent thousands of volunteers for this week. My good friend's Dad was one of the lead contractors on the build!
All week long there have been fundraisers on Facebook and in local restaurants to raise money for it!
It isn't footed by the network!!
It's a community event!!!
How cool is that!!???

They have been working 24/7 to get the house done, and today is the reveal!!!!

It really is done in just 7 days!
For months beforehand though, the network worked with our city to get all the permits in order.
The house has been inspected all along the way.
It's the real deal. No shoddy work. It has to make inspection.

All the security, and shuttles to and from the site...all done on non-working hours.

This family is getting blessed, but they aren't the only ones.
Our entire community has benefited from this.

Talk about an amazing way to bring a city together!

Big props to this show.
Will let you know when it airs!

Link to Facebook Page with pictures.
I'd post them here, but I'm not sure who to give credit to.


  1. The season premiere of Makeover takes place in my town... with Mrs. Obama along for the ride. We are personally acquainted with the family as well and have enjoyed watching the process unfold. Neat that we both have had these visits in our communities this year!



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