Monday, August 1, 2011

*UPDATED* You're killin me smalls.....

No really. The small guy is killin me.

Christian. I don't really know what I'd do if I had two easy babies, but I don't think I will ever find out.
This kid keeps me on my toes.

Let me give you a little rundown.

Christian used to be the champ breast feeder. And he slept through the night first and took great naps in his crib.
Then for whatever reason, stopped being a good breast feeder and his growth which was really good and even more than Camden at times, totally slowed. Still growing, just waaaay slower.
And then he decided to wake after 30 minute naps, but he was still totally exhausted and tired, just wouldn't sleep. I started putting him in the swing to get him to finish his nap because he was just a crabby tired mess.

He has never eaten a TON from the bottle at one time, like Camden, but he did fairly well.
Now we are fighting every feeding. He is only taking 4-5oz at a shot, no matter if it's only 2 hours between feedings or 5!!
And we seriously have to force the last 2oz of that on him, which usually means swaddle him and try to keep him from distractions.
So, we're talking 19oz total for the day.
And that is with him waking up in the middle of the night for a bottle of 4-6oz.

He was waking up between 2:30-4:30am for a bottle, which is fine since we want to pack the pounds on him and he's still little.
BUT the last two nights he woke up at 12:30am!!!!! He hasn't done that since he was teeny tiny.
The first night I let him cry for 20 minutes and the fed him and he only ate 3oz...I doubt he was actually even hungry.

Last night I let him cry for an hour. He fell asleep for 15 minutes after that and then woke up screaming again.
Trevor fed him, and he barely got 4oz in him. And so total he was up from 11:45pm-3:00am mostly screaming.

(Of course Camden slept through the whole thing)

We had taken Christian off solids because it seemed he didn't want the bottle and only solids.
But now it doesn't seem he is eating any more of the bottle than he did before!
So I called the nurse today and since our pediatrician isn't in until tomorrow she said for today, get whatever formula we can in him and feed him as much solids as we can as well.
So this morning he ate 4oz at 7:15am and then slept for about 45 minutes in his swing and then at 9:15am ate 6 TBSP of food!

At 12:10 he would only take 1oz, hardly counts. Then slept for 3 hours in his swing.
Woke to eat only 3oz, after basically nothing for 7 hours!!
I then mixed the remaining 3oz with oatmeal and banana and he ate it ALL...7 TBSP of food!!!
He is just all messed up. I'm sure the eating and sleeping thing is totally tied to one another, but where do I begin?!?!

I'm exhausted.

Any ideas?

He is still swaddled with one arm out, just to keep him from flipping onto his front.
He doesn't like the pacifier
He has a "comfort" blankie with him
He doesn't like to be rocked
He is NOT teething
He does NOT have a cold

He's lucky he's so cute :)


  1. ) : That sounds tough!! / : Have you thought about a dairy allergy? Or an allergy to some solids he is eating? I would suggest trying to "wear him down" (meaning you put him in a moby or something, maybe he just needs to feel close because he is coming up on some milestones, etc) for 30-60 minutes before you put him down for the night (worked with Alexis sometimes!) but I can see how that is not really an option with three little ones / : Being up all night seems like maybe some tummy troubles from something he is eating? I don't know but I hope it gets better for you!!

  2. Krystle, that sounds really tough! I am a new mommy so I don't have advice but want to offer encouragement. You are worried because you love your son and you're a good mom. He is not going to starve and he is going to be okay. Perhaps it is a control issue for him. Is he possibly rejecting the brand/variety of formula? My boys rejected a couple after being on them for several weeks. They were drinking it one day and then went on strike. I switched and now they are happy again (they also went on a bottle strike when all they wanted was to nurse but I have to supplement). Hang in there! Your little man is blessed to have you as a mama!

  3. You know, my girls have done that for a while now. They are older than your boys, but they have been doing that (refusing bottles, only eating food, or refusing all food all together on and off) since I introduced solids to them.
    My champion breastfeeder really stopped being a breastfeeder at all and she didn't want a bottle either. She would eat solids, but that was it. I was concerned, but our pedi ended up telling us to just feed her whatever she would eat - if that was solids, it was solids. You can always try (if your not already) mixing formula or breastmilk into the food you are giving him. That will increase the calorie count and the nutrition he is getting from it.
    I remember my pedi telling me that the babies bodies are able to regulate how much food they need, so to not be incredibly concerned if they weren't getting as much as I thought they needed. I just can't remember exactly when she told me that so it may well have been after my girls were older than your boys. Maybe that was at 6 months? Sorry - that might not be the most helpful comment then =(.
    Are you bringing him in to the pedi? When is your appointment?

  4. All of the above advice is good. I know when my twins,one or both, have rough nights it makes for tired days for everybody. When things do getlike that I try to remind myself that it's just for a season. All your little ones are so blessed to have you as their mommy!

  5. Hows he doing this week? I'm just catching up! Hope he has improved-hopefully in both areas! Such a tough time when that kind of stuff pops up......