Friday, August 12, 2011

Surgery is set....

Well, we got more info today on my Mom's cancer...

The cancer is the size of a golf ball
They will do a lumpectomy the size of a baseball.

The cancer is in the ducts and some lobes which makes it more likely to spread
Because of this they will MRI both breasts just to be sure

Because of location and size they will most likely do chemo and radiation

MRI scheduled for August 18th 7pm

Surgery scheduled for August 24th

Still clinging to His promises......


  1. I can't do a meal, but I would love to send her a card. If you're comfortable with sending me her or your address, please do so at

    I'll be happy to be a help/encouragement to her in any way I can. I even take phone calls at weird hours!

    Keep soldiering on, and wear your pink. Funny, once I was diagnosed, seeing those pink ribbons took on an entirely different meaning for me.