Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sick Babies

Well, after 7 and 9 days of sickness (Christian 9 and Camden 7) we headed to the pediatrician.

Both have ear infections and both have the start of a sinus infection.
So we started antibiotics and hopefully soon they will be much happier and sleep much better!

Since we went in we got a weight check!

Camden is 14lbs 10oz and is now ABOVE the 5%! Yay :)

Christian is 12lbs 10 oz and is still going up up up on his own growth curve! Yay! :)
Funny since they eat basically the same amount!!

She is pleased and so are we.

We are ready for Christian to sleep through the night again....this 2:30am stuff is getting OLD! Hoping the in next month to be able to do so.

And note:
Nobody is allowed in the house if they feel like the MIGHT be getting sick
ARE sick
are ALMOST done being sick
or feel yucky at ALL.

Sick babies are no fun!!


  1. Poor peanuts! Glad you at least know what is wrong so now they can start to get better with the help of some antibiotics =).
    And I don't blame you one bit for imposing those "sick" rules. Sad that it takes the babies getting sick for us to remember thar we need to do that! Sick babies are no fun at all!! Hope everyone feels better very soon!

  2. I so agree about people not coming over if they might be, getting over, or feel sick! It's SO RUDE when people knowingly expose their sick germs to babies!!!