Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Random Tuesday

It's been a bit.....hmm. Crazy isn't the right word since it's always crazy in our house.
Draining? Exhausting?
No...those are normal too.

Heavy. Things have been heavy.
Sometimes life is smooth and easy, and sometimes life is heavy and hard.

There's a lot going on and I'm so thankful I have Someone to go to.
This is one of my scriptures I'm memorizing and I keep going back to it.

So Jack was sick, then I got it even worse and now Christian has it
Couple that with the usual madness of no schedules, feeding craziness and the "heavy" and yesterday I couldn't take anymore.

So.....I turned up this and we had a dance party....the kids and I.
It was good.

Yes I have a wide range of music love!!

Later in the evening I headed to the river with my Bible and my journal.
My soul needed refreshing.
God was faithful.

Okay, so a few weeks ago I told you I was doing Weight Watchers,
In 5 weeks I've lost 13lbs

Tomorrow my babies turn 6 months!!
I took some precious pictures so look for that post!!


  1. awesome job on the weight loss!!! I need to join me some weight watchers! Get rid of this baby weight!