Monday, August 29, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Christian will grab anything and everything within reach....including Camden. I love it
As August comes to a close and September begins, I realize that this is the very last summer that actually means summer break. With Jack starting pre-school, we will have a regular school year schedule with that fun 3 month break. It is surreal, realizing that this is much changing. Wasn't he just scooting around the furniture on wobbly legs?! Tomorrow is our first "Back to School" night where we get to meet the teacher, see the class and get all the fun information. I've been to it as a student, but I'm the parent!! I'm very excited and nervous all at the same time. School starts next Tuesday!

Camden trying a mum mum for the first time....not real impressed

 Yesterday we went to the NICU reunion and got to see the new NICU wing. Woah. It was incredible! They open it up to patients in just over a week. I can't believe we missed it by about 7 months. Instead of sharing curtains and screens for privacy, beds wall to wall, a breast pump per every 3 mom's, no privacy etc.......Each baby has his/her own room and there are two rooms dedicated to multiples. Each room has a couch that turns into a daybed, a recliner that turns into a bed, a window with a "light" shade and a black-out shade. Each room has it's own breastpump, it's own fridge for milk storage, a sink with a heat lamp over it and little tubs to give your baby a bath!!! They are spacious, and lightly colored, it feels so relaxing. Our boys would never had to have been apart, and we could have camped out there in the privacy of our own room! It's amazing, but I never want to experience the NICU again! :)

Not exactly sure what he was doing, looks like he is directing the choir :)

Christian is very direct in his grasping/grabbing and he took right to these!

Such a cheeseball

Daddy and babies
 The babies are totally loving "talking" to one another these days. They get all smiley when they see one another and they just start babbling and cooing and spitting and it's just adorable.

Only time you'll see one of my kids in pink....for Nama on surgery day!

They are so into Jack right now!


  1. I can't believe how big the boys are getting- especially the twins! We have the same highchairs and I still use them for my big old 2 year olds!
    Thanks for sharing these pics...they are great!