Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Beach for the Day

We got to go to the beach for the day!!
My sweetie took yesterday off and we headed for the ocean.

The babies did wonderful!
Jack started to cry at the really windy part, I had Trev pull off at the next turn-out, pulled him out
 and 30 seconds later he puked.
Poor kid gets car sick like me.
Other than that, he was great and I was so thankful I caught it before it happened in the car
(which has happened in the past)

It was gorgeous.
It wasn't foggy, and it was actually really really warm!
No wind.
But no shade either, so we didn't stay on the beach for long.

Just enough to breathe in the air
Take in the wonderful sights
Remember how BIG my God is
How majestic HE is
And get refreshed in the soul.

We headed to our favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch and realized it was the first time all 5 of us had eaten out....just us! It was great!

We headed down to the harbor and by the the fog and chilly wind had rolled in and it was lovely.
We grabbed an ice cream and walked the pier before heading home.

It was just what we needed!
It was the babies first time at the beach!

Christian top, Camdem bottom

Cam in the Ergo


Me and my boys!!

Trying to self portrait with big camera...not so easy!

He could live here

Dad and Christian

Chasing seagulls