Tuesday, August 30, 2011

24 Hours Left!!

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Christian will grab anything and everything within reach....including Camden. I love it
As August comes to a close and September begins, I realize that this is the very last summer that actually means summer break. With Jack starting pre-school, we will have a regular school year schedule with that fun 3 month break. It is surreal, realizing that this is happening...so much changing. Wasn't he just scooting around the furniture on wobbly legs?! Tomorrow is our first "Back to School" night where we get to meet the teacher, see the class and get all the fun information. I've been to it as a student, but geesh...now I'm the parent!! I'm very excited and nervous all at the same time. School starts next Tuesday!

Camden trying a mum mum for the first time....not real impressed

 Yesterday we went to the NICU reunion and got to see the new NICU wing. Woah. It was incredible! They open it up to patients in just over a week. I can't believe we missed it by about 7 months. Instead of sharing curtains and screens for privacy, beds wall to wall, a breast pump per every 3 mom's, no privacy etc.......Each baby has his/her own room and there are two rooms dedicated to multiples. Each room has a couch that turns into a daybed, a recliner that turns into a bed, a window with a "light" shade and a black-out shade. Each room has it's own breastpump, it's own fridge for milk storage, a sink with a heat lamp over it and little tubs to give your baby a bath!!! They are spacious, and lightly colored, it feels so relaxing. Our boys would never had to have been apart, and we could have camped out there in the privacy of our own room! It's amazing, but I never want to experience the NICU again! :)

Not exactly sure what he was doing, looks like he is directing the choir :)

Christian is very direct in his grasping/grabbing and he took right to these!

Such a cheeseball

Daddy and babies
 The babies are totally loving "talking" to one another these days. They get all smiley when they see one another and they just start babbling and cooing and spitting and it's just adorable.

Only time you'll see one of my kids in pink....for Nama on surgery day!

They are so into Jack right now!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Thanks

Flowers from a friend to brighten my day
Wish darn blogger had an arrow to rotate them....

The boys BOTH slept through the night!! It has been over a month since they last did that, and let me tell you...it was awesome! Even if it was just last night, it was so needed! Christian looked all discombobulated this morning, like "what a minute, it's not 2am!?" :)

Today is a FULL day for us. We have our NICU Reunion this afternoon! It's a wonderful time to go back to the NICU and see the nurses and doctors who helped your baby live. They have games and crafts and prizes and cake. This will be our 3rd year attending. This time with 3 kids who have been helped along by the NICU. Our NICU just unveiled the new wing which will be open to patients in about 2 weeks...I can't believe we only missed it by 7 months. Those private rooms would have been amazing, especially since there are a few for TWINS! It looks amazing though! It always brings a wide range of emotions with it, a day like this. I'm so thankful to be able to say hi and thank you again to the nurses, but being in the hall and seeing those rooms...it just has some good memories, but so many hard memories. A very tough time. BUT my babies came home perfectly healthy and thriving, SO thankful!!!

This evening is our Saturday Night Band's concert in the park at 5pm! It's gonna be pretty warm, but I am excited to take the boys out for a bit of worship time! The band's CD is out now, and so it's kind of a wrap up of the whole project. If you want to hear what they sound like, click on the player to the left of my blog! :)

Anyways, I hope your Sunday is filled with lots to be thankful for, mine is!!

Friday, August 26, 2011


I have written, erased, and re-written this posts several times. Not wanting to come across ungrateful, unappreciative or depressing on this blog here.
There really is so much to be thankful for.
But I'm going to be vulnerable for a bit and just share my heart, and trust that you will love me all the same.

My heart has been so weary these last few weeks.
I will just be straight with you, these babies are tough.
They are high maintenance.
Just the day to day with them is utterly exhausting.
They aren't keen on just chilling, they don't stay happy or content for very long.
They seem to fuss constantly.
They have become horrible nappers.
Add to that their being sick for the last 2 weeks and the difficulties of each day have only intensified.

Jack's needs still need to be met and being just 3, doesn't know quite yet what patience means.
 Shoot, I'm still learning.

The laundry and dishes and floors don't clean themselves and the time I spend with my husband is of
vital importance.

I have been exhausted. Beyond belief. Frustrated I can't figure out how to make our days run smooth, with some sort of pattern or schedule. Just to have a flow to our day would be nice.
Frustrated that it's nearly impossible to get out of the house due to feeding and sleeping schedules that are all over the place and the fact that there is 1 of me and 3 of them, 1 of the 3 not yet learned in the art of staying with mommy and not running off into danger or whatever.

Then there is ministry. Being the wife of a pastor has incredible blessings. But you also see the burden your husband carries for his flock, those under him in ministry.
When they hurt, he hurts.
When things are going crazy and he can't do a thing, the burden is heavy.
And I can't do a thing for him.
Some seasons are harder than others.

And of course, the recent diagnosis of my Mom's cancer.
That was a real blow.
A real "rock my world" moment.
And it's just the beginning of this journey.....

I have felt zapped of joy. I have felt numb.

So, I pick up this book One Thousand Gifts because I've seen so many other bloggers reading it.
It was $2.99 on my Nook so I thought, hey...let's read it.
Two chapters in and I'm being challenged beyond belief.

I read those chapters and spent the next day applying what I had learned.
And you know what?

That day sucked even more than the other days.
I'm not even kidding.
It was awful.

(And I know I'm risking a lot here, telling you this...but it's real life.)

And then I was done.
I decided I was going to life a joy-less life and just go through the motions.
I told God that.
You know what's cool about having a relationship with God, and not just talking/praying to some "image" or "figure" is that I can talk to Him like that.
Just like, "hey, this just sucks and I'm done".
He's just cool like that.
I asked for Him to have mercy
For a reprieve
For a break in the storm

So, I say those things and I'm just laying it all out, being real honest with Him.
And guess what.
He said hang on a bit longer.

Like, literally right after I spoke out loud those words, I felt it.

Okay. You da boss.
But I ain't gonna be happy about it.

Well, you know what? My God is faithful.
I wept
I got angry.

My circumstances haven't changed.
But my heart did.

He gave me hope
He gave me peace
He gave me energy
He gave me strength to face it
He let me know He had not forgotten me

There was no "ah-ha" moment
No definite spot in time to point to.
But my heart was renewed and refreshed and I can tell you it was nothing I did.

But I felt like I really had reached the bottom and told Him so.
But I hadn't....it was in me TELLING Him I had reached the bottom and was done where I really had gone to the end of my rope.

And He was there
He didn't let me fall
He had mercy

On the way to the hospital I was listening to the radio, which I never do.
And on comes this song....and I had never heard it before
I started crying because I had just spoken the very same words he sings.
I could have written it myself.

Just another reminder to me that I am not alone
And He is and always will be with me
No. Matter. What.

The last 7 months of my life have been the hardest thus far. I know compared to others they may seem like cake. But all of our circumstances are different and we cannot compare ourselves to others.
I have a wonderful husband who works hard so I can stay home
three beautiful and healthy boys
a loving family
amazing friends
a wonderful church
But it still has been the hardest season in my life.

I'm just so thankful I don't have to weather it alone.

I turned off comments for this post. Just wanted to share what my heart was doing but didn't want to moderate comments for it :)

Fill in the Blank Friday

1.   One of life's most simple pleasures is ice cream
2.  People clicking pens in church  makes me want to punch someone.

3.  I like   Friday's    because,    it's family day  .

4.    Swathe   is a funny word.

5.  If I had to choose one beauty product to use for the rest of eternity it would be mascara.

6.  I'm happy that    fall is coming quickly   .
7.  I would never   swim in the ocean unless I had to...and even then......

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Random Updates

Hey there, sorry I have been MIA over the last several days. I was with my Mom today at the hospital for her surgery. It was a long and exhausting day. You can view the updates here if you would like.

Babies are almost done with antibiotics, but are still extremely fussy and taking horrid naps. I am just spent.

I bought Jack's school supplies this week, I can't believe he starts in 2 weeks...it's crazy. I am so excited now, but I am totally going to be that Mom that cries the day of!!

I've lost 15lbs! Woohoo :) I am loving Weight Watchers, it's a totally doable lifestyle change. I'm loving the results too!!

It's finally gotten 'hot' here, close to 100. Usually we have already been at this temp and then some, so I can't complain too much, but I am oh so ready for fall!!!

That's it for the random updates!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sick Babies

Well, after 7 and 9 days of sickness (Christian 9 and Camden 7) we headed to the pediatrician.

Both have ear infections and both have the start of a sinus infection.
So we started antibiotics and hopefully soon they will be much happier and sleep much better!

Since we went in we got a weight check!

Camden is 14lbs 10oz and is now ABOVE the 5%! Yay :)

Christian is 12lbs 10 oz and is still going up up up on his own growth curve! Yay! :)
Funny since they eat basically the same amount!!

She is pleased and so are we.

We are ready for Christian to sleep through the night again....this 2:30am stuff is getting OLD! Hoping the in next month to be able to do so.

And note:
Nobody is allowed in the house if they feel like the MIGHT be getting sick
ARE sick
are ALMOST done being sick
or feel yucky at ALL.

Sick babies are no fun!!

Beach for the Day

We got to go to the beach for the day!!
My sweetie took yesterday off and we headed for the ocean.

The babies did wonderful!
Jack started to cry at the really windy part, I had Trev pull off at the next turn-out, pulled him out
 and 30 seconds later he puked.
Poor kid gets car sick like me.
Other than that, he was great and I was so thankful I caught it before it happened in the car
(which has happened in the past)

It was gorgeous.
It wasn't foggy, and it was actually really really warm!
No wind.
But no shade either, so we didn't stay on the beach for long.

Just enough to breathe in the air
Take in the wonderful sights
Remember how BIG my God is
How majestic HE is
And get refreshed in the soul.

We headed to our favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch and realized it was the first time all 5 of us had eaten out....just us! It was great!

We headed down to the harbor and by the the fog and chilly wind had rolled in and it was lovely.
We grabbed an ice cream and walked the pier before heading home.

It was just what we needed!
It was the babies first time at the beach!

Christian top, Camdem bottom

Cam in the Ergo


Me and my boys!!

Trying to self portrait with big camera...not so easy!

He could live here

Dad and Christian

Chasing seagulls


Monday, August 15, 2011

I Heart Faces- Beautiful Eyes

Love my sweet Christian's eyes!!

I'm linking up with I Heart Faces for the first time!
Just for fun, because I can :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Learning about this journey....

So, I'm learning things I really never wanted to learn about. But at the same time, I am glad I am getting educated and it makes me want to be involved. There are a million good causes out there, Breast Cancer Awareness being one. But once it hits your family directly, it makes sense to take up that cause and become more self-aware and see to it that others can be as informed as possible.

I'm so proud of my Mom doing her self-exams, and that is how this was caught. She found this lump, scheduled an immediate mammo which DID NOT show this lump. The saw only a cyst which was confirmed when she had an ultrasound. It was only at that ultrasound when she said, "that's not where I feel a lump" did they investigate and find the cancer.

So, ladies. Do your self-exams. And do not wait if you feel something abnormal. Machines aren't infallible. They aren't perfect, but you still need a mammogram. They do catch things many a time. But nothing catches more than a self-exam. So do it.

Did you know that 1 in 8 women will get breast cancer. Those odds are staggering. They blow my mind.

Did you know that most women who develop breast cancer do NOT have family history of it.
That surprised me, I think I was under the impression that this was mostly hereditary. In my family, there is no one else in our history with breast cancer. My Mom is the first from both sides.

There is a test to determine if the "breast cancer gene" or the BRCA1 and BRCA2 are in your genetics. I have decided NOT to have this testing done.
I don't disagree with those who will have this test done, and in many cases it will be very helpful. But to me this just screams FEAR!!! And if I have the gene, it doesn't mean I will or will not get breast cancer. So why add extra worry? I choose not to live in that fear. Personal decision, but I feel very confident about it.

I know I'm going to be learning a lot more as we journey down this path. But there are a few more things I know

My Mom is one of the strongest women I have ever met. She is also one of the most amazing people I know. She is infectious. Everybody loves her, because she loves everybody. She is joy. She is beaming. She is HIS light. And I have no doubt God is going to use her with every tech, nurse, doctor, person she comes in contact with during this. She is going to make people want what it is she has. I am so proud to be her daughter.

Sunday Check In

Both babies are sick.
Horrible coughs and yucky noses.
Poor things aren't sleeping well at all, and neither are Mommy or Daddy.
Hoping this passes soon.

We got our first "newsletter" from Jack's school. It made me giddy. I'm so excited for him to start, and so excited he is going where I went to school!
I can't say enough good things about Grace, and we are praying that every year the Lord will provide just what we need to send our boys there.
Worth the sacrifice.

Such an emotional week around here....but life doesn't stop.
The boys are growing and changing, Jack is unaware of the events that unfold
 (although he has asked, "Mommy, what are you doing?" when seeing me cry) 

He will soon know something is up, and I pray his little heart is protected.
He is the perfect medicine.
These innocent little boys who know nothing but smiles and security will be a constant source of joy for our family.

I'm hoping we can drive to the coast for a day. Just to breathe that air. There is just something healing about the ocean.
And the Oregon Coast to me, is the best place for that.

On another note, my Mom made pizza last night, and it was the kind that I can have.
I am a pizza lover.
It's my favorite food and I have not had any since starting WW like 5 weeks ago.
And last night I did.
It was amazing.
I savored every bite hehe!

I got to go to church last night, thanks to my sweet friend Helen for staying at the house with the babies.
They go to bed at 6:00pm and that's when church starts. So I either don't go :(
or someone has to come sit at the house with them while I do go.
It was sooo nice to be there with my family!

I love that on any given moment, the Lord floods my mind with the scriptures I have been memorizing.
It brings such encouragement to me.
And the best part is, they aren't just words I say to make myself feel better.
They are promises, real promises from God to me. To us.
And I am so thankful I serve a Living God.!

Thank you to those of you who have already signed up to bring a meal to my family after my Mom's surgery. It means so much!

 God is our refuge and strength,
   an ever-present help in trouble.
Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way
   and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea,
though its waters roar and foam
   and the mountains quake with their surging.
Psalm 46:1-3

Friday, August 12, 2011

Surgery is set....

Well, we got more info today on my Mom's cancer...

The cancer is the size of a golf ball
They will do a lumpectomy the size of a baseball.

The cancer is in the ducts and some lobes which makes it more likely to spread
Because of this they will MRI both breasts just to be sure

Because of location and size they will most likely do chemo and radiation

MRI scheduled for August 18th 7pm

Surgery scheduled for August 24th

Still clinging to His promises......

Thursday, August 11, 2011

And now for something on the lighter side....

We all know that out of 50 pictures, there are the 1 or 2 that make the cut.
The cut to be on your Facebook or Blog
The ones you spend time editing and printing.
And then there are those pics that aren't really "hang on the wall" type pics.

I decided to lighten the mood around here, for a bit, and post some of those very pictures.
Because they make me laugh and I hope they make you smile too :)

Quite the grip there little laddy....

Too close for Camden's comfort....


"You talkin to me?!"

That's a poop face if I ever saw one!

If there was a sound clip with this, you would hear a very crazy and evil sounding laugh. :)

Bad to the bone....

Blue Steele

Another picture with him!??!

And I will leave you with one more..................


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

6 Months in Pics....

The morning of....

A few hours later....

One Month

Two Months

3 Months

4 Months

5 Months


6 Months

"You are so precious to me, sweet as can be, baby of mine"


6 Months Old!!

totally blurry, but you should see all the other ones haha!

Camden Rhea

Christian Grant

Since we just had a doctor appointment, there isnt' too much to update.
We are still playing with when/where/what we are feeding Christian.
They are still on quite different schedules, but I'm letting that go for now. Maybe we will try again in another month.
They are just adorable little men and I am excited for the next 6 months because I know things change so fast and they are going to be starting to do lots of fun things!
I am amazed we are half way to their first birthday!!!!!