Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Our senior pastor is on sabbatical and this past Sunday was the first full service I have sat through since the babies were born. I was desperate for it and it was just what I needed.

Our youth pastor, and good friend Shawn spoke and really challenged us, me.

He talked about truly being alive in Christ.
As Christians, we can all to often focus on "just getting to heaven" and we put aside the fact that we are to live in His glory and victory now.
 While here on earth.Our Christian life is more than just heaven and hell.
This victorious life starts long before we get to heaven.
Our task is to partner with Him here, and not just wait for Him to take us away.
We can look at our city, country, world and think "it's all bad" or "it's just full of evil"
There is more here.

We are called to more before we ever get there

That was my take anyway and it was a great reminder.
Heaven will be amazing. More than anything I could ever fathom.
But if I close my eyes to the beauty and the glory around me right now, here on this earth...if I forsake this place for desolation, I am missing out on something better.

And it's not really realted, but I love this song. It's words are truth and it's beautiful.


  1. beautiful post. yay for getting to sit in the service!

  2. I really loved the message on Sunday too! The fact that 'fire insurance religion' doesn't transform lives...good stuff. And it was SO GOOD to see person!