Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Twins are 5 Months!

I am amazed at how things are starting to fly by.
These munchkins are 5 months today!

Christian, Camden

The last month or so hasn't been easy with them getting nasty colds and having nap time issues, but their little personalities are all over the place and it completely makes up for it!

You can not NOT smile at them when they flash you a grin. No matter how tired or frustrated you are at their lack of adhering to your scheduling wishes ;)

Little Bear

He's still the "chunky" one, although it's funny because even though he is "chunky" he still hasn't hit the growth curve for his age yet! He's made up a lot of it, and soon he will be there! He's 100% in 3-6 month clothes, although I'm thinking he will be moving up to the 6-9 quicker than I realize.
We don't have weight's for a couple more weeks, but I know he's over 13lbs now, I'm sure of it!
He is eating 5-6 ounces every 3-4 hrs and is also eating bananas and cereal on a sporadic basis.
He is mostly sleeping through the night and taking great naps, still swaddled and still loving his pacifier.
He has one of the biggest smiles I've ever seen and his whole face scrunches up into yummy goodness that I can't help but nibble on!
He's still pretty chill and easy going for the most part.
But he does love to be held and would wish that you could hold him 24/7
He's the slug. He used to roll over from tummy to back (like at 10 weeks) but now he is content to just chill for now. :)
He loves to stand and has incredible head control. He's totally ready for the exersaucer. He loves the Ergo as well!
His blonde hair is really coming in and his bright blue eyes are amazing.
His belly laugh is awesome. I have to post a video here soon.

Usually Camden is all he was Mr. serious

Little Boo

Our long and lean man. He is totally putting on weight now, but I'm sure most of it is in his length! He's a long boy. He is still in 0-3 month clothes, but they are getting too short and will be moving on up soon I'm sure.

He is eating 4-5 ounces every 3-4 hrs and is LOVING his bananas and cereal as well.

He is our impatient one (I have no idea where he gets that from...)

He screams at me from the time the spoon leaves his mouth, and I feed a bite to his brother, until I get the spoon back in his mouth! Like seriously, 5 seconds of waiting and he's all in a tizzy.
And this guy doesn't have a "hungry" cry or a "tired" cry.
They are all the same and they are all very loud and very angry.

He's still waking after exactly 30 minutes of napping but still completely exhausted so he is finishing his nap in the swing, for now. It won't stay this way, but for now...I'm letting it go.
He cries it out at nap and bedtime, and he is without pacifier and has only one arm swaddled.

He is the mover. Rolling all around the room, scooting across the floor. It's crazy.
He loves to stand as well, I think he will get much happier once he is actually on the move.

He loves to talk and talk and talk (okay, so I'm not really sure who's kid this is....)
and again, one of the biggest smiles ever!

The things that startle Camden, make Christian laugh and his laugh is so fantastic!

I'm still pumping and giving them what I can along with formula and nursing for any "middle of the night" feedings, although it's usually just Christian now.
The bottle thing has really taken a load off my shoulders and as much as I desired to nurse for a year, I'm just thankful they are being fed and they are healthy!

So....pretty much we are totally in love and I cannot imagine there being only one of them!!

My heart is happy and content and I could not love my life more.

How adorable is this?!?!


  1. It seems like just yesterday that we were at this same stage! It goes by too fast! Your boys are adorable! Bottles do take a huge load off - which you totally deserve! It only gets easier and more and more fun - still crazy in many ways - but it's a good crazy -a crazy I couldn't live without!!! Your doing amazing - keep up the good work - and good luck with the whole baby food thing - I remember the huge mess that was - I used to feed mine with just a diaper on and then hold them like a football over the sink to wash them from head to toe with running water. :) Always remember to laugh really hard through each stage - it keeps you from crying - and your right, how can you not NOT smile at those precious boys that love and appriciate you so much! :)