Monday, July 11, 2011

Miscellany Monday

We've had two wonderful weekends in a row. It's been lovely.

This weekend we celebrated my nephew's 4th Birthday with a little trip to the bowling alley.
Jack's first time.

He bowled a 113. Granted it was with bumpers and a ramp thingy...but it's better than I usually get!

My nephew. He's got personality :)

The twins got some sweet taters and Camden loved them. Christian just talked the whole time and ended up spewing them all over himself while he blabbered. I don't think he gets the whole "don't talk with your mouth full" thing yet.

How cute are these little feet?

Speaking of feet.....
A little over a week ago I stood up from the sofa, Camden in my arms and I whacked my foot on our ottoman which caused me to trip and go falling to the ground.
Some super-mommy thing happened and I was able to fall, place Camden on the ground safely, holding myself up with my arms and then roll off to the side. And then cry in pain. While Camden was completley unphased.
Why am I telling you this? Because I have no shame. Actually, I was really proud of my super-mommy moment, and I have no idea how it happened. I'm just glad Camden was fine.

My toes still ache.

Happy Monday!