Monday, July 18, 2011

Miscellany Monday

My last post was my 100th post on this blog. Crazy.
If you are new to this blog, and you want to know more about my whole pregnancy with the twins and how we got here and how I started old blog is where to go.
Click here and work your way to the newer posts to start from my pregnancy.

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And obviously this is only for the really bored in life because it could take awhile....

Also, if you don't think I am a follower of your blog, let me know! Sometimes I get new followers and don't realize who you speak up!! :)

Another great weekend in the books!
Since my hubby is a pastor he works weekends (duh) so our full day together is Friday. I love Friday.
So we spent the day together, and went to Lithia Park in Ashland. It's a beautiful park and the twins and I chilled out on the blanket while Jack and Trev threw sticks in the creek and got dirty. That evening I had dinner out with some mommy's from my twin mom group at Red Robin. So wonderful.

The next morning was my niece Zoi's 2nd birthday party!
She is the only girl among her brother and her 3 it was all pink and princessey (word??) and wonderful.
She got some heels and a lawnmower and decided she could mow the lawn in heels.
What a woman!
Zoi's "birth" day

Zoi now :)

Then on Sunday we took Jack to see the new Pooh movie!!
Trevor and I love Pooh and Jack has been listening to the old classic "books on tape" of Winnie the Pooh we found and he has them memorized. So we were excited to take him.
He did really well again, and it was a really cute movie (nothing beats the originals but it was still cute)

My parents watched the little dudes...
Camden, Christian

Camden, Christian

Yep...I claim him :)

My allergies have once again wreaked havoc on my eyes and they are huge and red and puffy....staying indoors today :/

Happy Monday


  1. Hi I love reading your posts btw!! Would love if you could follow my blog :)

  2. All three of your boys are adorable. I especially am loving the hair on the twins.

    (Also, it just took me several moments to decide what to call Christian and Camden. We never call our babies "the twins"-- usually we say "the girls" but in your case "the boys" isn't clear enough!!)