Monday, July 25, 2011

6 Month Well Baby Check (at 5 1/2 months)

Since we are a bit ahead with visits, today we saw our pediatrician for their 6 month check-up even though they are just 5 1/2 months.

It went really well, so here is the run down!


Weight: 14lbs even!
 He has hit the growth curve finally! He's between the 3-5% of a full term baby. Basically the weight of a 4 month old, which is about right since he is almost a month premature. Very awesome that he has caught on to the curve at just under 6 months!

Height: 25 inches
ON the growth curve right at 5%

Head: 16 1/2 inches
ON the growth curve right at 5%

He is doing pretty good with sitting supported, and can do the "tripod" position a little bit.
He says lots of "mmmms" which of course will eventually become Mama!
Loves his food and is averaging 21oz a day and 2 meals of solids, which we will now be increasing to 3 meals!
Sleeps through the night from about 6pm-6am!
Can roll from tummy to back sometimes, but doesn't go from back to tummy.
Reaches out and grabs things, sometimes transfers objects from hand to hand.
Bears full weight on legs (has been for 3 months now!!)
Self Soothes to sleep
Great napper


Weight: 12lbs 5oz
Not on the growth curve, but he is on his own curve and it's a bit more than last time, so that is good!

Height: 25 inches
ON the growth curve at 5%

Head: 16 1/8 inches
ON the growth curve just under 5%

Doesn't sit well yet, but rolls from back to front and front to back like a champ and has been for over a month now.
Scoots as well (again, has been for awhile)
He's the squawker. Very vocal.
Blows raspberries (which is a full term 6 month milestone)
Eating an average of 19oz a day (usually 6 of those ounces are in the middle of the night)
Eating 2 meals a day, and increasing to 3 times a day and adding more food at a time to fatten him up!
Wakes once in the night, sometimes sleeps through.
Bears full weight on legs (has for like 3 months)
Not a great napper

All in all, they are doing wonderfully. They did great with their shots as always!
The main thing is trying to get them to sit, getting Camden to roll over and getting Christian to put on more weight. He is growing, just at a slower rate than Camden.

They are getting so fun these days!!


  1. Way to go boys! (and mama!)

    Emily, our baby B was a slow grower. Like really slow. Great eater, slow grower. However, our doc never worried as our older kids are all on the slender side and she was developmentally ahead of the game. At a year she was 16 pounds. At 15 months she was 19. Now, she has started to look chunky (not real baby chunky, but chunky for her) I am really curious what we will find at our 18 month visit (we always run late on visits, our doc is great, but hard to get appointments with for well checks!)My guess is she will FINALLY be on the growth chart!

    (I've been feeding her big spoonfuls of peanut butter to fatten her up. . .your guys are a bit young for that) But remember that formula has more calories than baby food, so don't cut back on that as you add solids:) Solids were always extra calories, not milk replacements until after a year.

  2. When Britany was six months she weighed 12 lbs even so both your boys are ahead of her :) They grow at their own paces!

    So glad your boys are doing so well! They are far too cute for words!!!!!