Saturday, July 23, 2011

30 Things

1. I would rather not show up to something than be late

2. The house isn't very clean most of the time, and then one day I have to do it all. Now. And then it's shiny and sparkly for awhile.

3. My hair was thick. Then it was wavy. Then it was board straight. Then it got really thin. Then I got pregnant and it got thick. It stayed thick. Got pregnant with twins and it got thicker. Now it's thin. Sigh.

4. I love Jessica Simpson

5. I hate my hands and feet to be dry or feel dry. That's why I hate play-doh.

6. I hate confrontation. I'd rather take blame and keep my mouth shut than tell someone they hurt me.

7. Because of number 6...stuff festers. Workin' on that.

8. I like to win.

9. I dated 3 guys before Trevor. One for a week and a day. One for 2.5 months and the other casually for a few months.

10. I married a guy almost exact opposite of what I dated. Thank the Lord.

11. I am not a water person. Rivers, lakes, oceans, pools even. I'll observe from the side thank you very much.

12. I am the BBQ person in this family. I do the grillin'

13. I listen to Etta James, FF5, Chris Tomlin, RUN DMC, Micheal Jackson, Kari Jobe, Metallica, Sinatra and Dave Matthews. How's that for a wide range?

14. I could have had a 4.0 most semesters, but why study when you can have fun? Being social was way more important.

15. I was Elizabeth Bennett from Pride and Prejudice my Freshman year.

16. Played volleyball all 4 years, swung to varsity my freshman year and started varsity the last 3. 1st team all league and 3rd team all state.

3rd from the left. Holy long shorts.

17. Hated running. Hated it. A lot. Until I started running with my Dad. Now I can't wait to run again. Hard.

18. Love to study the Greek and Hebrew of the Bible. Takes on a whole new meaning.

19. I love animals. I want to rescue them all.
My kitty Punkin

20. Never thought I'd have 3 boys.

21. Can't imagine not having my 3 boys

22. Was a Barista for 6 years. I'm still picky about how my coffee tastes.

23. I'm a phlebotomist I love drawing blood.

24. If I went back to work in the medical field someday, I'd work at a PEDS office. No more adults thank you very much!

25. I snort.

26. I'm not quiet. I can be pretty loud and obnoxious.

27. I hate unloading and loading the dishwasher.

28. I want to go to Italy, France, Spain, Ireland, Greece, Germany, Poland, England, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden and Austria.

29. I love Cary Grant.
Cary and I

30. I love Jesus more than anything.