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It's somebody's Birthday Week!

It's this little dude's birthday week! Yep.... week. That's how we roll in this family. Something fun everyday! Today, making brownies with dinosaur sprinkles with Mommy. Something he has been asking to do! Pictures to follow :)

The Vintage Pearl

   I know I have mentioned The Vintage Pearl to you before, but I wanted to again :)  They make such beautiful pieces of jewelry and it is really quality stuff. I am always getting compliments on my necklace. They have incredible customer service and a really fun blog as well! I have a wish list of things from there and I can't wait for my next piece!  Copyright TVP  Head on over to their blog or website to browse around. They have a great selection of things from key chains to necklaces and bracelets!  Copyright TVP   *Not a paid advertisement. I just love their stuff*


Our senior pastor is on sabbatical and this past Sunday was the first full service I have sat through since the babies were born. I was desperate for it and it was just what I needed. Our youth pastor, and good friend Shawn spoke and really challenged us, me. He talked about truly being alive in Christ. As Christians, we can all to often focus on "just getting to heaven" and we put aside the fact that we are to live in His glory and victory now.  While here on earth.Our Christian life is more than just heaven and hell. This victorious life starts long before we get to heaven. Our task is to partner with Him here, and not just wait for Him to take us away. We can look at our city, country, world and think "it's all bad" or "it's just full of evil" There is more here. We are called to more before we ever get there That was my take anyway and it was a great reminder. Heaven will be amazing. More than anything I could ever fathom. But if I close my ey

Farm Eatin' is the life for me

This weekend we headed to our favorite local farm, 7 Oaks Farm.  We are blessed to have several local farms you can visit and buy fresh produce from, but this by far is our favorite and is known for it's exceptionally good corn! They have a little kids play area, and some animals to feed/see as well as a little market where they sell their goods along with a few other local items. They also have a picnic area, and a garden where you can pick your own flowers and fresh herbs! They also have a little ice cream stand that sells Umpqua Ice Cream, which not only is the best ice cream in the world, it's made just north of us! As much as I dream of doing my own garden someday...I don't think I inherited my Grandmother's green thumb. So...this is a great second best! I love the freshness of it all, it totally tastes better, and I love supporting a local business!  This is the best shot I got of this...he just won't hold still :)   Holding the bag of herbs for Mommy   H

6 Month Well Baby Check (at 5 1/2 months)

Since we are a bit ahead with visits, today we saw our pediatrician for their 6 month check-up even though they are just 5 1/2 months. It went really well, so here is the run down! Camden Weight : 14lbs even!  He has hit the growth curve finally! He's between the 3-5% of a full term baby. Basically the weight of a 4 month old, which is about right since he is almost a month premature. Very awesome that he has caught on to the curve at just under 6 months! Height: 25 inches ON the growth curve right at 5% Head: 16 1/2 inches ON the growth curve right at 5% He is doing pretty good with sitting supported, and can do the "tripod" position a little bit. He says lots of "mmmms" which of course will eventually become Mama! Loves his food and is averaging 21oz a day and 2 meals of solids, which we will now be increasing to 3 meals! Sleeps through the night from about 6pm-6am! Can roll from tummy to back sometimes, but doesn't go from back to tummy. Reaches out an

30 Things

 1. I would rather not show up to something than be late 2. The house isn't very clean most of the time, and then one day I have to do it all. Now. And then it's shiny and sparkly for awhile. 3. My hair was thick. Then it was wavy. Then it was board straight. Then it got really thin. Then I got pregnant and it got thick. It stayed thick. Got pregnant with twins and it got thicker. Now it's thin. Sigh. 4. I love Jessica Simpson 5. I hate my hands and feet to be dry or feel dry. That's why I hate play-doh. 6. I hate confrontation. I'd rather take blame and keep my mouth shut than tell someone they hurt me. 7. Because of number 6...stuff festers. Workin' on that. 8. I like to win. 9. I dated 3 guys before Trevor. One for a week and a day. One for 2.5 months and the other casually for a few months. 10. I married a guy almost exact opposite of what I dated. Thank the Lord. 11. I am not a water person. Rivers, lakes, oceans, pools even. I'll observe from the side

Pool Time

Some friends of ours let us use their pool on Friday. Jack hadn't been in a pool in forever, so he started out a bit nervous. Within minutes he was not wanting anyone to hold on to his floaty and was in heaven! It was a wonderful family day! My gorgeous boy ready to go! Chillin poolside... Ah the life... My participation... Sup ladies? Too cool for school How YOU doin?! Christian did get in the water with Nama for a bit! My boys Chris and Breanna Chris's tan courtesy of Qatar Capa and Jack playing He loved his tiger! :) 

Fill in the blank Friday

1. One of my happiest moments ever was holding Jack for the first time. An indescribable feeling, and a love I never knew existed!! 2. Summer is hot. And I'm not a fan of hot. So I wait, and try to be patient until fall arrives and I am happy once again! 3. This summer the weather has been more mild than hot. I'm sure as we get closer to August it will get up there again and spend the rest of the summer there. In Medford, it stays pretty hot through October. 4. My summer food of choice has been fruit. Grapes, melons, berries, apples....any kind of fruit! 5. My summer uniform has been the same thing I wear most days, yoga pants and a t-shirt I don't mind getting puke on. :) 6. If I could spend the entire summer in one location I would choose someplace cool. Wherever that may be. 7. My summer anthem is ..............drawing a blank here. Link up with Lauren at the little things we do for you FITBF!!

This day last year brought with it the biggest news of our life!

One year ago today I was sitting in my OB's office sure I was losing my baby again. Trying to fight off the fear that was threatening to consume me. Closing my eyes tight, refusing to look at the screen. Afraid to see nothing, no movement. And then.... "I see two babies and two heartbeats!" My eyes popped open "What?! Oh my gosh!" My sweetie, "Thank you Lord!" Tears Laughter Joy Never in a million years did I expect that, although I had actually told God twins would be amazing. We spent the rest of the day sharing with our family the news and crying together and laughing together. It was an amazing day. Our first picture at the boys, Camden on the left and Christian on the right!

10 Random Things This Tuesday

1. Both boys are now in 3-6 month clothes! And Jack's 3-6 month clothes are winter we are stretching the 0-3 month shirts (they are just a bit snug) and washing a lot more these days hehe. Pointless to buy any more since in the blink of an eye they will be in 6-9 month clothes!!! 2. My soon to be brother-in-law will be leaving his base tonight overseas and will be returning home this Thursday!! Yippeeeeee :) Although no one is more excited than my sister (rightly so) we are pretty darn excited! 3. Jack's been taking the babies diapers, the poopy ones, and sniffing them really deep and saying..."mmmmm gross!!" with a big smile. What a weirdo. 4. I started Weight Watchers 2 weeks ago.I almost didn't tell you. But, now you know! I love it because it really doesn't limit you, you just have to plan ahead and make wise choices! Plus, with the new system you can eat unlimited fruits and veggies, perfect! On my way to me again :) 5. Camden says "mm

July 18th

Today our baby would have been One Year Old Today we would have had pancakes and Trevor would have taken them to get a free cocoa from Dutch Bros Today they would have been wearing a birthday shirt And we would have gone someplace fun for a birthday dinner and their party would probably be this weekend. But that little baby is in heaven. It was the hardest thing I had been through up to that point in my life And I couldn't understand the reasons I couldn't fathom why the pain? why the loss? why me? And then........ "Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen" Ephesians 3:20-21 And I know they would not be here And I cannot fathom life without them “What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived the things God has prepared for those who love him" 1

Miscellany Monday

My last post was my 100th post on this blog. Crazy. If you are new to this blog, and you want to know more about my whole pregnancy with the twins and how we got here and how I started old blog is where to go. Click here and work your way to the newer posts to start from my pregnancy.  Click here to start from the very beginning. And obviously this is only for the really bored in life because it could take awhile.... Also, if you don't think I am a follower of your blog, let me know! Sometimes I get new followers and don't realize who you speak up!! :) Another great weekend in the books! Since my hubby is a pastor he works weekends (duh) so our full day together is Friday. I love Friday. So we spent the day together, and went to Lithia Park in Ashland. It's a beautiful park and the twins and I chilled out on the blanket while Jack and Trev threw sticks in the creek and got dirty. That evening I had dinner out with some mommy's from my twin m

The many faces of the babies...

Camden Christian