Wild Things

I'll admit it. The thought of raising 3 boys today scares me.
Raising them to be leaders.
Who have integrity.
Who are hard working.
Who treat women well.

Men have a tough task. And raising 3 little men, who will someday grow up to be big men and find a woman (if she meets all my criteria) to lead in Christ and be the head of a household and father children etc etc etc....it's kinda scary.

It's a darn good thing I pray. I don't know how people survive who don't pray.
I pray every day, along with my husband, that He will give us wisdom in raising these boys. To give us what we need to protect their hearts, but yet allow them to take risks and be boys.

Enter this book.

It was recommended by a friend and I cannot speak highly enough about it.
I have learned so much!

I mean, come on...I'm a woman. I was a girl. I have no stinkin' clue about boys. I knew they were different from girls (duh) but I don't think I realized how incredibly different they are.
The way you treat, discipline, teach and nurture is completely different than how you would a girl. And I am so glad I read this book before Jack got older.

How do you discipline a little wild thing, without breaking his spirit? How do you teach him to be a man? Without letting him rule the roost?

This book has been an excellent tool for us and it walks you through each stage of a boy's life. From age 2 until he graduates and then some.
It talks to you about how they think, process, work, live, breathe....and how to handle each stage.
It's not a list of do's and don'ts...but a great tool.

Jack has a very tender heart. And he is cautious when it comes to some things. I used to think that maybe he'd be a quieter boy, maybe not quiet as crazy as other boys. Maybe one of those boys that was shy and quiet...haha I would be wrong!
 Now, he isn't a bully, nor is he super aggressive or out of control. But the kid is wild. He is all boy and I am loving it (as well as freaking out)
I think he thinks he is invincible. And that scares me  haha!

If you have boys, of any age. I could not recommend this book highly enough! You can get it on your Nook or on Barnes and Noble...really most places are carrying it right now.

But really....go buy it.

*This is not a paid advertisement, nor was I compensated with a book*


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