Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Vacation....with 3 kids under 3

We survived.
We are still alive.

Nobody got injured.
Or sold.
Or given away for free in a cardboard box.
Outside a grocery store.

Not gonna say it didn't cross my mind. Just joking. Sort of. Maybe. Nah.

(this is a long post. sorry about that.)

We headed to beautiful Eaglecrest for our vacation, thanks to a sweet couple in our church who donated a week in their timeshare to us! It was a much needed getaway. My sweet husband has been ridiculously busy with the upcoming release of our Saturday night band's first CD in just a few short weeks. He was working even longer hours than he usually does (one day he didn't get home until after 2am) and the stress of getting everything edited and finalized while being a Daddy to 3 babies and hubby to me.....well, it just was needed!

It's usually about a 3 1/2 hour drive east and it's gorgeous.

So...5 1/2 hours in the car with two 3 month olds who are breastfeeding and an almost 3 year old who can't sit still...whew. That was tough. And so were the first two days of vacation. What were we thinking? Why are we here?!
But then....we settled in. Ah. It was still crazy, but it was our new normal so it was nice. The boys (all 3) adjusted amazingly well to the new sleeping arrangements and although we stayed at the condo for more time than we had originally planned, it was so nice for a change of pace and scenery. We did venture out for some walks, and a trip to the outlet stores. And we learned a lot....

While we were there we celebrated 8 years of wedded bliss! I love my man and I am IN LOVE with my man more than ever!
May 31st, 2003
In a 1936 Packard :)

First of all, my husband is a MASTER packer. We have a Honda Pilot which seats 8 with no car-seats. Right now, the twins are next to each other right behind the driver and then Jack is in the very back on the right side with the other seats folded down to fit the stroller....which leaves like no room. So, we cannot fit anyone else in our car right now. We borrowed a roof rack and hard carrier from some friends. This is what we brought:

2 Pack N Plays
2 Bouncers
4 Duffel Bags
1 Diaper Bag
4 Bags of Diapers
3 Wipes Containers
2 Monitors
Jack's bed bumper rails
2 Blankets
1 Umbrella Stroller
1 Double Stroller
1 Box of toys
oh yeah....and all of us :)
Oh yeah!

Notes that were taken from the trip:

1. Jack is a Daddy's boy. He wants to be right next to him at all times.

2. Christian hates the car. Hates. And he makes it clear.

3. It was the first real time I realized....we are a spectacle. See number 4.

4. Common scene: Camden in front pack, Christian in stroller screaming. Jack in stroller screaming and throwing things (it was his naptime) people in Carter's outlet....smiling with that "I'm so sorry, I'm glad it's not me" smile.
Or....every time we looked up people were staring at us like we were a circus act.

5. Jack likes to scream. He sees the babies scream and get attention, so now he screams. Even though I told him screaming is only for when we ride roller-coasters. Now he screams. And after several times of being told it's not okay, and an occasional time-out when warranted....he says, "just like on a roller-coaster Mommy". Sigh.

6. Christian is a light sleeper. In one day he was awakened by Jack (see above for reason) and by the dishwasher door falling off. Poor kid. He takes after Mommy.

7. We are outnumbered. They know it. I know they do. How glad am I that on our next vacation we will outnumber them! HA!

8. My husband and I need more dates. Alone.

9. No amount of stress, crying, puking, screaming, throwing, whining or tiredness could make me trade this for the world. I love love love my life.

And now for some pics....
Our gorgeous view

I Love Oregon

Christian and Camden chillin by the fire

Jack got to see a couple deer up close and personal. Someday he might be hunting Bambi...but right now, he's just cool to look at. Hey, after all...we are Oregonians!

On a walk. Look at that mountain in the back! Have I mentioned I love Oregon?!

Flowers for Mommy

Bath Time

Such a ham...

He grew up in a blink of an eye...

Mr. Smiley Pants

He is the chatterbox and smiles all the time...until the camera comes out :)

Buddies...growing so fast now!

Ice Cream at Goody's!

His face cracks me up!


  1. Great photos and happy anniversary. Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a wonderful time! We took our honeymoon to Eaglecrest with a donated timeshare week, so I know the blessing that is! You have a fantastic attitude and great family! You're so blessed and your blog is a reflection of those blessings.