Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Sickies and Little Guzzlers

How in the world did we make it all the way through the winter and spring without getting sick?
 Now, summer is here and we have 3 sick kids.
Not fun at all.
Because of their age the doctor wanted to see them and make sure it wasn't turning into an ear infection or in their lungs. I love our pediatrician.

SO, I hauled the twins in to the office while my sweet husband stayed home with Jack.
So, they just have really nasty colds and we just need to keep an eye on them.

But the great news....weights! Exactly one week ago we saw her for a weight check in which both boys had slowed in their growth, but especially Christian. I know some of you commented on how your kids were slow growers, but he had slowed on his own chart, almost stalled out. (They of course are well below where a term baby would be and will eventually get caught up.)
So, we made the decision to try and start Christian on rice cereal and try and add in an extra nursing session in the day. She was THRILLED they were nearly sleeping through the night and thought it would be crazy to wake them to feed them. Did I mention I love my pediatrician? So, we were going to fit that feed in during the day.
Well, Christian was not ready to start cereal and the boys were both getting more and more frustrated while breastfeeding. The supplements weren't doing enough of a job. And I have decided not to take a prescription to increase my supply.
So, we made the decision to nurse for any night feedings they may have and nurse in the AM and PM and bottle feed breastmilk for all other feeds. I would use my frozen milk supply (dating back to when they were 4 days old!!) and then pump every 4 hours in the day and freeze that as well.
It became quite clear they were so hungry. They had not been getting what they needed directly from me. They have been eating and eating and eating and it has made me so happy!
I am now just nursing in the middle of the night if needed and doing all other feeds from the bottle. They are doing great. They are off schedule right now with colds and getting caught up on nutrition, but hopefully we can get back into a schedule once things even out.

I fought myself on this one. A total pride thing. Giving up the majority of breastfeeding sessions. But you know what? I was exhausted. Trying to eat/drink enough, get enough sleep, not stress, take care of a house and Jack and still be human to my husband. I was overwhelmed. I know some of you have done it, and that is amazing. But I had reached my limit. Once I made this decision, the hugest weight was lifted off my shoulders! I had more freedom because if someone was with me, they could help feed. And I wasn't tied to a chair all day. It will free up time for Jack and I as well.
I know my supply won't last long now since pumping isn't as efficient as breastfeeding, but I will go until it runs out and then we will switch to formula.

I am proud of myself. For making it this far...they are still only on breastmilk at 4 1/2 months.
 I nursed 2 babies in the NICU,
a baby who was tongue tied,
a baby with reflux.
It has not been easy, but I am glad I did it and I am proud of myself for making it this far!

So...that said, here is the weight update!
One week ago Camden was 11 lbs 11 oz
Today is he 12lbs 4oz!
 He went from gaining a half an ounce a day to an ounce a day!

And Christian (who we were most concerned about) weighed 10 lbs 13 oz
and today weighs 11 lbs 4 1/2oz!!
He is also gaining an ounce a day, where as before he was not even gaining a half an ounce!
They are eating 4-6oz every 3 hours!!

I am so happy and so proud of them and it just confirms to me that we made the right decision!

Thank you for all your encouragement! I know people are very opinionated about breastfeeding/bottles/formula etc. So if you choose to leave a comment, please be positive and not negative :)


  1. You (and the boys) are doing great! And yes, it can be so overwhelming. I was blessed in that my older kids were so much older. I'm also the rare individual who never really ever struggled with nursing. I'm totally aware that that is not the norm, though I am thankful. In the end it is important that we parent in the way that is best for mother and child(ren). That is why it is called a nursing relationship. . .it goes both ways! So good for you, I'm sup proud of you, and so glad the boys are growing. IMO (purely opinion), I think bottles are preferable to early solids...especially rice cereal:) so, way to go!

  2. Huge kudos to you for breastfeeding twins- period!
    Every baby is different and only you know what is right.
    Yay! for growing babies!!

  3. I am so happy for all of you guys!
    I am so proud of you Krystle! You are not just a great mother...you are a great mother that works hard at maintaining all of the wonderful things you do for your children! Jack, Camden and Christian are so fortunate to have you as their Mommy. Love ya!

  4. You're doing a phenomenal job with your babies and breastfeeding them for as long as you have is awesome. I am so glad to hear the boys are gaining weight- that is such great news. -Liz

  5. Did I ever tell you that I was only able to breastfeed my oldest boy for 4 months? (I'm sure he'll appreciate me discussing that on the internet. haha) He began actually losing weight and I had to switch to formula. It was disappointing. But I was thankful for those 4 months and he turned out totally FINE. And today he is a healthy and strong man. I want to say how PROUD I am of you. You are the toughest chick I know. Not to mention brilliant. I love you, friend. Keep up the good work.