Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's Time to Potty!!

*Warning. This post contains bathroom talk*

I honestly never thought this day would come. And if you would have asked me 10 days ago, I would have said, "This day will never come".

But here we are, today, and Jack is potty-trained!!!!!! I can hardly believe it! Let me give you a little back story.

Several months before the twins were due to arrive I tried to get him potty trained. I was not about to have 3 in diapers. He did okay for a few days, but then wanted nothing to do with it.
As February approached I got way too big to be bending over and helping him every 3 minutes to the potty, and I knew if he did "get it", he'd most likely regress once they arrived which is pretty normal.
So, I let it go.

Every few days I would ask him if he wanted to go, and it was always no. I started worrying about preschool starting in the fall and Disneyland in November. But, I didn't press him.

Well, a week ago today he was fighting me while I was trying to dress him (which is the norm these days) and I couldn't get his diaper on due to his flailing and kicking everywhere.

So I stood up and said, "Fine. No diaper. But if you go pee on my carpet, you get a time out because you know better."
He looked at me and said, "Okay, go potty in the toilet?" ............"Uh, okay!"
So he went. And not only did he go, but he went number 2!!! What?!?!?!?

So, I jumped on it. We grabbed some undies, and I gave him 2 M&M's, stuck a stick on a sheet of paper and told him not to go in his underwear and to ask me if he wanted to go.
No accidents that day.

I was worried that when he woke up the next day he would have lost interest, but he was all excited! We had only one accident all day. Not only that, but he has woken up dry from his nap 4 days in a row!! Isn't that supposed to take awhile?! And one morning he woke up dry from 10.5 hours of sleep!!
He goes both number 1 and number 2, coming in from outside to go as well!

Ain't nothin' cuter!
We use a pull-up if we are out, just in case but he has done really well with public bathrooms (although it's harder sitting up so high) But the rest of the time he is in big boy underwear!

I just can hardly believe it that in just a few days he was fully potty trained!! I'm so darn proud of him!!

So, here is my conclusion and tips for any of you out there who are nearing the potty training days.

1)Don't make them do it. They will do it when they are ready. And because you let them guide you, they are MORE than ready and do it full on!

2)Get a little potty that sits on the floor. Some of you may say, "well, I don't want to teach them this first and then do a big potty later". But this is so much easier for them and when they go number 2, they need leverage and you don't get that with a big potty and they might refuse to go number 2, and get stopped up. Not good.

Let them dictate to you when they are ready and it will be more stress free and more successful!



  1. 100% agree...both my kids potty trained themselves (Madison 1 month after turning 2, Wilson at 2 1/2)...just watch for signs and have everything ready and it will happen...if you make it a battle, it will become a battle, if you just let it happen, it will happen!
    and praise, praise, praise them when they are ready, and when they have an accident, it's just that an accident, let them know that it happens to EVERYONE and that they just need to listen to their body come it will tell them when to do!

  2. YAY Jack!!! I'm so happy to see this post, because I really wanted to potty train Alexis before Sophia was born so I would only have one in diapers, but we haven't pushed anything. We don't force her or scold her, we let her sit on the potty if she asks, etc. I hope it happens like this for Alexis when she is ready!! ( :