Friday, June 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Grandma!

It's my Grandma's Birthday today! She is my only Grandma. My Dad lost his Mom before he and my Mom were married, so sadly I never got to meet her.

But God blessed me something fierce with my Mom's Mom. Who we now call GG (for Great-Grandma)

GG with Jack when he was the twins age!

I have the very best memories with her.

Eating ice cream for dinner
Snapping green beans
Picking any flower I wanted from their vast garden
Spending several days with them during the summer
She was the town Librarian and I love to read....I was in heaven every time I visited I got to take as many books home to read as I wanted

Making chocolate chip cookies
Watching the birdies outside the window as she made Mickey pancakes and hot cocoa
Going to her little church with her and her letting me play with all the craft stuff
Playing dress up in her wedding gown
Eating apples from their orchard
Fresh pressed apple cider
Lazy summer days
Looking through her old pictures of her and her best girlfriends
Reading her journals
Just being together

My Grandma is an incredible woman. She is a God fearing woman and she has passed an incredible legacy of loving Jesus down through my Mom and on to me and now my kids. I am so thankful for her and I love her so much, she probably will never know how much I love her and treasure her.

I wished she lived closer. She is only 2 hours away, but sometimes it feels like she lives across the country.

She is amazing. And she is my most faithful blog reader :) I love you Grandma!!


  1. Happy Birthday GG! (Can I call you that. Being that I always want to call you Velma! haha!)

    This post made me cry. You truly have been blessed with an amazing grandma!