Thursday, June 16, 2011

CD Release!

You all have heard me talk about my hubby and how busy he has been working on a CD project. Well, it is finished!
He, along with an awesome crew of musicians and vocalists from our Saturday Nite service recorded a live album and it's on sale now!

This link will let you hear samples of the songs as well as let you order one!
( My hubby is the Worship leader and the one singing)
For all local peeps, Evangel bookstore in the Mall will also be carrying them soon!

I am SO proud of my husband! :)


  1. It sounds good :) What does your husband do? Does he sing or what instrument does he play?

  2. He is the Worship pastor, the main vocal. And he plays the keys :)

  3. sounds awesome!!! how exciting krystle! LUV the sound

  4. THIS CD ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!! I am getting like 10 of them to give as gifts!!! It's the BEST!!!!