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Breastfeeding Answers!

So, I went to see the lactation consultant today. Thankfully the boys behaved as they normally do for her, so she got to see first hand. The pulling off after 7-9 minutes and not wanting to re-latch.

Well, guess what.....

My boys are ridiculously efficient. Christian ate for 9 minutes and took in nearly 4oz. Camden ate in 7 minutes and took in nearly 3.5oz. Wow. The LC was amazed. No wonder they don't want to latch back on, they are getting their fill!!

Also, I learned something new today. I asked about pumped breast milk. She said that babies remove milk differently and more efficiently than the pump. The longer the baby sucks, the more fatty your milk becomes. When you pump, it all ends up in a bottle dispersed throughout. So babies who get breast milk from the bottle are having to eat more just to get enough fat, where as babies who feed at the breast get it in less time and less amount. Hence why when we give Camden a bottle every now and then, he eats more like 5 oz.
Made me feel so much better knowing that this is the amount they should be eating at this age and that they aren't struggling, they are just doing AMAZING!! :)

So, Camden weighs 10lbs 8oz and Christian weights 10lbs 2oz :) Amazing that with all that puke Camden is gaining more!!

Ahh...I feel so much better :)


  1. I was going to actually suggest that they may actually have been full! That is awesome news. All of my boys were very efficient. And Elizabeth is, but Emily likes to take her sweet time.

    The boys are growing great! (and to think that my second son was 10 lbs 15 oz at birth. . .can you imagine that?)

  2. Great news Camden and Christian!
    You truly are a great mother...the way you stay on top of things with your boys!

  3. Yep, my second son was 10 lbs 6 oz. Glad your boys are doing well!

  4. krystle,
    thank you for sharing this. when i read your last post about how they were doing w/breastfeeding, i thought - josiah is doing similar things!! (pulling off and on, seeming almost frantic/agitated). i appreciate hearing that being efficient and filling quickly may be part of what's happening for us, too. interesting. thanks for sharing your experience.
    and that is so cool about the difference b/w breastfeeding and bottle feeding (the fatty milk at the end). so interesting!

  5. Wow! That is great news. I am sure that it made you feel wonderful to know they are doing so well.

  6. Oh I am so glad you got answers!!! Alexis was a very very efficient eater as well - she would take 10 minutes tops! It was crazy!

  7. First of all, your picture in the header is precious!!
    Nursing twins is not for the faint at heart and you are are doing an amazing job!

  8. I saw that Liz did your design! Isn't she wonderful? Your blog looks amazing, and Congratulations!!

  9. Yay! That is awesome. I'm gleaning all that I can from you :) Keep it up!!


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