Thursday, May 19, 2011


1. It's sunny. Yes. My sweets and I are taking Jack out for a little "brunch" date, just the 3 of us. Thanks Mom. The little dude has been having a rough go lately....I think he finally realized his new brother's weren't going anywhere.

2. I am dying to get back in shape. Like pre-JACK shape. I want to work out so hard I hurt. I miss those days. I know it's going to be slow going, my abdomen is STILL tender :/ I got a couple sweet workout DVD's coming in the mail and I am determined to do this. It will be a slow process and not a "see results quickly" thing since I'm feeding two babies, and that will be hard for someone like me who wants instant results. But better for my milk supply. I have my sister's wedding to look good for! 6 1/2 months should give me time :)

3. I wish I didn't love carbs so much.

4. My BEST FRIEND is coming soon for an extended visit before heading off on her BIG mission trip! I cannot wait to spend several hours in the coffee shop, laughing and talking and drinking coffee and being silly and stupid. I love her.

5. At Christmas Jack got quite a bit of stuff from the family. We opened most of it up and let him have it right away. But we hid several things, knowing that kiddos get bored with their things and instead of buying new stuff, last night we hid a bunch of the stuff he hasn't been playing with and busted out the "new" toys for him. He woke up and they were in the living room...and then we told him they were from Camden and Christian :)
He's pretty excited.

6. We're kind of dorks, and we have a healthy obsession with Disneyland. And the NEW Star Tours ride is opening in Disneyworld tomorrow and in Disneyland on June 4th. We've been watching all the behind the scenes footage. We are pretty stoked. It looks like Jack will make the cut-off for most rides by the time we go in November! I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Thursday. It's my favorite day because tomorrow is my hubby's one full day off, so it's always exciting to realize once he is off, we have some time together! I adore him. :)


  1. i love your final comment: "i adore him." =) *smile*. love it!

    enjoy brunch on this sunny day!

  2. i promise i understand wanting to get into pre-baby shape!! FWIW, with wanting to not diminish my milk supply, no matter what exercise i did i held onto 10 extra pounds until i weaned them at 15 mos. once i weaned, though, it melted off with a few extra :). well worth it!!

  3. I so understand wanting to get back into shape, and it is hard! My worst thing is waiting-for results lol. My sister is getting married in like 8 weeks : ) I will be in her wedding, big fat and pregnant. Enjoyed your update!

  4. I agree I wish I didn't love the carbs! hehe :) and hey lets get back in shape together!