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So, today Camden is getting his little tongue clipped, at 1:30pm. I am so ready for it, but I am nervous too. I know that sometimes you don't notice a difference for awhile, that it might take him a bit to change how he does things...but I just really hope it helps.

So, I started my boot camp videos last night (Lindsay Brin's program) But it was AFTER the workout that I realized that my abs are still separated from the pregnancy (diastasis recti). So I have to get those back together before I can do the more intense core workouts. It feels really weird.....
I really like her as an instructor, so I'm excited to do this program. Like I said before, I am not a patient person...so knowing this is a long process is daunting. But I will just take it one day at a time :)

Anyhoo....I will post later to let you know how things go with Mr. Cam!


  1. My abdominal muscles never came together after I had Lex and were still separated when I got pregnant with Sophia. No one informed me this could happen - my midwife discovered her after I told her about the pain I was having! I know better this time though!! It's such a pain! (literally and figuratively)

  2. my abs are still seperated too :( and it's been 10 freaking months! That shows you how much working out ive been doing.. lol.

  3. Yep my muscles separated also, i have not avidly tried to work on them but do some of the recommended exercises. I hear it does take a bit sometimes people have to do physical therapy. Hoping this is not the case for any of us. But I too have looked at the Lindsay Brin program and have heard wonderful things about it. SHe actually has a video for helping with diastsis recti. I am just like you and want my body back now but from what i hear its a long process so we just have to endure it. Good luck. Love reading your blog. Anjuleah


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