Sunday, May 1, 2011

Jack Moments

It is finally oh so sunny here and it's much appreciated. I love the rain, but my little man wants to get outside and be a boy and my man wants to get the yard in shape and I need to get a walkin' so I can get a runnin' body is not my own right now and I am so ready to get it back to where it needs to be.

Jack has been saying some pretty funny/cute stuff lately. Here are just a couple things:

I asked Jack to give Camden his pacifier since he was crying and so Jack went over, put the pacifier in Camden's mouth and said, "shh shh shh, it's okay Candem" (yes..he calls him Candem and it's so cute) melts my heart

Another time he covered Camden up with a blanket and said, "it's okay sweetie" so precious

We were watching the Royal Wedding after taping it and he asked what it was and I said that the Prince was getting married just like Mommy and Daddy got married and he said, "Jack get married?" Ah yes...I guess that will happen someday won't it? :(

The choir at the wedding started singing and I asked Jack, "What are they going to sing?" and he replied, "Zaccheaus" oh you make me smile

He is loving identifying shapes all over the house "that is a rectangle" and "there is a circle" or "that is a triangle" he is so observant! He can draw a circle and does a triangle sometimes as well.

He counts to 20 like a champ and he can actually count things, not just repeat the numbers by memory.

He says his alphabet and can identify all of the letters as well, although sometimes he forgets so we practice often to keep it fresh.
His favorite color is green and his favorite number is 3 :)

He's so funny, he has never gotten out of his twin bed since we got it for him before he even turned 2 and he won't be 3 for another 3 months! He still calls for us to come and say it's okay to get up. Lately he has been getting up in the morning, turning on his turtle night-light and then getting back into bed and calling for us. I keep telling him it's okay to come out on his own, but nope :)
Okay, I'm done being the braggy Mommy for now...hope you have an amazing Sunday! Next Sunday is Mother's Day and we are dedicating the twins!!! SO EXCITED :)


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