Camden: 9lbs 1 oz, gaining 21 grams a day! And that's with ALL his puking!! :)

Christian: 9lbs .5oz, gaining 26 grams a day :)

Yay! Go boys go!

The 3 Cutest Boys Ever


It's true...they just keeping rolling over onto their back whenever we do tummy time!


  1. Look how cute they are! I miss this stagejust a bit :)

  2. Ah, so cool! Takes us back a few years ... our "baby" is 18 and graduates hs in a few weeks! But we cherish every step and stage along the way. Exicting times in your life.

  3. Aren't they gorgeous and really growing. Beautiful.

  4. Love the pics!! How wonderful that they are gaining weight! We had difficulty gaining weight in the beginning and I remember having to track exactly what they were eating and stressing about how much they had gained. They look great hun!! Keep up the good work!


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