Monday, April 18, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Hello Monday. Here's a bit of miscellany.

This week is gonna be a bit tough in the evening time as my hubby has rehearsal's for this weekend's Easter service. We are having a Good Friday service, our regular Saturday night service and 2 instead of 3 Sunday morning services. Needless to say my sweetie is gonna be dead tired come Sunday afternoon.

I think Jack and I will do this sometime this week: Resurrection Eggs

I will also be shopping for a little Easter basket for my men :) I'm all about teaching my kids the REAL reason for these holiday's...but I also think it's fun to do the Santa and Easter Bunny thing!

The littlest of men are doing well. We've had a couple nights where Christian slept the whole way through and last night they both slept from about 9:30/10:00pm to 4:30/5:00am :) Yippee Skippy.
All of their newborn clothes have been put away and they are fully in 0-3 month now. Crazy.

It's been quite rainy here, although I don't mind since we'd just be inside for the most part. And I can say, the rain is much better than the tornadoes some other places have been getting!

I think I have done 5 loads of laundry today...but now we are caught up! Have I said before how thankful I am for our new front loader? Well, I am SO thankful!

Not a whole lot to update y'all on. Life is life and life is good! Click the pic above and link up with Carissa!

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  1. So glad to hear your little men are sleeping soundly. Were you sad to put away their newborn clothes? I cannot believe how quickly our little guys change but I am looking forward to more sleep =-)I will wish you a happy Resurrection Sunday a little early. I think our boys may be taking some pictures with their Easter bunnies after church =-)