Thursday, April 7, 2011

8 Week Update!

8 Weeks. 2 Months this say, "Already?!" and I say, "that's it?!" :)

Life is good. Hubby has been back at work part-time for the past 2 weeks and starts full-time this week. I have a couple amazing friends who are coming over and helping during the week when they can and we still have meals being provided for one more week!

These little boogers are growing so much! They are still in newborn clothes, but length wise we are getting tight! We've also just moved up to size 1 diapers after several disgusting blow-outs this week :)

Here's a little summary of each booger:

Oh Mister, you are so 2 1/2. There are days where I think putting you on time-out from the moment you woke up wouuld have been beneficial. You are Mr. I can do it myself and if I can't I will throw a world class tantrum. You are also a perfectionist (thank your father) and impatient (oops, my bad)
So we are learning together, how to wait and listen.
You are still the sweetest, most tender toddler we know. You don't hit kids, push or kick. You play nice and you are the best helper!
You say the funniest things.
When Trevor was putting him to bed the other night, his brothers were crying in the front room. He kept saying, "No Daddy, go check on Camden and Christian!"
And tonight I told him he was riding in Daddy's car to church and he said
"Oh wow, that's so great!"
And in big news....we registered him for pre-school for the fall. Say what?! Didn't I just give birth to you??
We feel strongly our kids need to be in private Christian school, and I've often said I'd die before sending them to public school (this is just how we feel, not to say it's wrong if you choose this option)
And I also do not feel called to homeschool them. I think homeschooling is amazing, but I also believe it's a gift and not just anyone can/should do it.
So....we are trusting for the Lord to provide tuition and it is a great sacrafice to send them to this school, but I believe the Lord will be faithful and provide the money (despute the massive NICU bill)

*Insert Publisher's Clearing House knocking on my door.....hmm...maybe tomorrow?*

So, all that to say...pre-school. Wow.

Okay, on to Camden

Despite his continued puking (it is much better, but if you hadn't seen it before you'd still think it was awful)
He is pretty easy going. He puts himself to sleep and he is content to just lay and stare and what's going on around him. He's easily calmed and he has gotten to be a fantastic nurser. I am still breastfeeding one after the other and it's going really well.
He is our most smiley baby at this point, it's pretty easy to get a smile and a "coo" out of him.
His white blonde hair is growing in all over his head now and his eyes are super blue.
He is doing really well sleeping at night. He'll eat at about 9:00pm and then not until about 1:30am and then 6:30am. Loving that! He is quite attatched to his pacifier and will wake up if he spits it out which is a pain...hoping he outgrows that soon.

He still thinks he's an only child and loves to just be held and talked to. He doesn't settle very easily for others, but in Mama's arms he tends to calm right down. He loves to look around and is always turning his head, cocking it from side to side to see what's going on.
His jaundice is all gone. That 36 hours off of breastmilk did the trick and now he is just olive toned with no yellow! His eyes are much more blue than I had originally thought.
He too will eat at about 9:00pm at night, and then between 20 minutes to an hour after Camden eats and then no matter what time they eat in the night they both eat around that 6:30am mark. So, he doesn't go quite as long as Camden does from that 2nd feeding.
He doesn't smile as often as Camden does, but when he does it's pretty huge :)

All in all things are getting into rhythm for us. We aren't on a "schedule" per-say but we are getting to know them better and better each day and what works for them. Like I said, I'm not tandem feeding right now and it's so much less stressful that way. And we don't 'wake one' when the other wakes. I feel that if one is ready to sleep longer, to let him. His body obviously needs it and is ready for it, so why mess with a sleep cycle?!
I'm learning that they will cry. A lot. And often times they have to so I can eat, or go to the bathroom or read to Jack.
I am feeling really good and am loving to see them grow and change.
I feel so blessed.

I was able to go to church for the first time in about 9 weeks this past week and it was wonderful. Once they are a bit older and we are out of flu season we will all start to go again. I am ready for that day to come!


  1. We have days like that when we think we should have started the day with time out : ) Enjoyed reading your update!

  2. I want to see them! :) Pictures are beautiful as always and I can't believe Jack is already going to preschool...I remember when he was first starting to walk during some volleyball open gyms. Miss you Krystle!

  3. Enjoyed the update on your 3 adorable little boys! Our littlest is now 3 weeks old and I have to say I can't wait till he will go that long at night without needing to eat. I hope things continue to go well!

  4. You are coming out of the fog....congrats! You'll start to feel a little more human too....may not be consistent, but hey, it's better than nothin'!! You are doing great!! Can't wait to see another photo of them :0)

  5. I love reading about their little personalities! Can't wait to meet them! And it's no surprise that Jack has an amazing personality - just look at his parents!