Saturday, March 5, 2011

Welcome to my new home!

So here we are! The new blog is up and running! Thanks for coming over :)

I posted this on my old blog, but decided it's the perfect first post for over here!

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* Update* I tried to bottle feed Christian a couple times...he hates it. Takes him forever and he does not like the bottle! Breastfeeding. I am so darn thankful that I am able to, it was a huge prayer request of mine. I did tons of reading before I had the boys and everything I read was about TANDEM breastfeeding and how getting them on the SAME schedule was the only way I'd sleep or stay sane (especially with a toddler)
So I put the pressure on myself to do it. And to do it every time. And to do it well.

Well, Christian is a great eater. Latches on great and eats efficiently and doesn't puke it all up. Camden on the other hand still needs a nipple shield, kinda crazy at the breast, takes awhile longer to eat and is a MAJOR puker. I'm talking lots and lots and lots of puke. Doesn't matter if I take him off sooner, hold him upright for a long time after, burp lots etc....he is a BIG puker. So....yes...stress.

Is tandem the only way? If I do it one after the other will I be feeding all day long? Should I pump and then bottle feed? If so, when and how long do I pump for? Why should I do that when Christian eats so well at the breast? It makes me sad to think that Camden would miss out on it if I bottle feed. Do I need to just try something for a few weeks until they are old and try tandem again another time?

I know I am WAY hard on myself. But I'm going crazy here trying to figure out what is going to work best for us.

So....give me your thoughts, your stories, your tips and advice. Tell me what you did, what worked for you etc.
You can email me at :) I so appreciate it.
I don't want to stress about it and I want to do what's best for all of us. Other than this things are going great!

They are the cutest little things ever and Jack is totally in love with his little brothers! I will get some more pics I PROMISE!! :)


  1. Feeding is difficult. I felt like I fed the girls all day long and I think that I did actually. And, it is stressful because you have two little people with different abilities and preferences. This is a major challenge with twins, but you will get a handle on it soon. I will email you some ideas as soon as I can. Krystle, I am incredibly proud of you and think you are doing an amazing job with your little men. Keep it up Mama!!

  2. So glad that you are up and running at the new site. It will be fun to watch the boys grow. I am sorry that I don't have any advice on breastfeeding multiples. I do remember the first one having trouble latching on in the beginning and it was stressful. Can't imagine with two AND trying to do them at the same time! Will pray for some helpful responses that will work for you and the boys.

  3. Hey Krystle,

    I left you a comment back at my place, and I THINK, it should send you an email, let me know if it didn't. Hang in there. It gets easier. Then it gets harder and you wonder if you will make it to six months, then it gets super easy again. Email me or check in at my blog anytime!
    I started a new giveaway today, and you get two entries, because you have twins! So stop by!
    Oh, and thanks for putting my button up! I love it!