Friday, March 25, 2011

We've made it to 6 weeks without losing it!

Wow. We've made it to 6 weeks and we are still alive. For a moment there I wasn't sure we would. Sleep was non existent, puke was more prevalent than water and I couldn't say whether or not my teeth had been brushed in who knows how long.

Best word to describe life? Intense. I can't think of anything more fitting. Crazy, fun, amazing, beautiful, insane, busy, tiring, exhausting, yes. But intense sums it right up.

I'm so thankful that I know God knew what He was doing when he gave us these twins, because at times I've told him "I don't know what I'm doing!!!" I feel like a first time Mom all over again some days.

This past week has been about 10x better than the weeks before, and I feel like we're starting to go uphill. And we're breathing again.

I can tell you that I am more in love with these boys than I ever thought possible. How could I share my love with Jack and these two? Well, my love for Jack has grown a million times and my love for them is unexplainable. And my love for my husband? I did not know I could love him more...and I do. Every day.

Let's give ya some updates on the boys, shall we?! We'll start with my main little man:

Poor little mister has a cold. I have no idea how because we haven't taken him anywhere but the grocery store. Can he get a cold from a shopping cart the ONE time I forgot to sanitize the bar? Ugh. Praying he does not spread his goobers.
He's the biggest little helper ever. He is getting down where all of their things are and is having fun picking out their outfits (we aren't taking them out really yet, so I'm not bothered by the brown pants with a totally mis-matched shirt at the moment) He's into his Lego's that his Great Aunt Sandy got him, his Cars as always and his guitar. He loves PJ's. He would live in his PJ's and lately he have I :)

Oh have been a small handful, but your big blue's kill me. So I will not hold it against you.
We had your blood drawn to check your thyroid which was of course fine. Mommy almost took out the phlebotomist who started to dig around in your arm, but she refrained and politely told her to "get it out now!" You should be proud of Mommy. You had to drink barium for an Upper GI to check and make sure you did not have a blockage causing your massive vomit. You of course did not. You did fabulous though. We took you off of your medication after seeing the side effects of "upset stomach" and guess what? You've been much better. Still lots of puke? Yes. Still gross? Yes. But not near as much (if you can imagine) as what
there was. Praise Jesus. You have taken the lead again in the weight department and for the amount you spew all over the house it is amazing to me that you are gaining what you are! You now weigh 8lbs 2.5oz!!
And you are ON the growth curve for height and head circumference. GO BOY GO.
You smiled at me, a real smile. Two days ago and I died. You won me over with your sly little grin (as if you hadn't already) You look so much like Jack it throws us for a loop. I swear sometimes it's him and not you. You are actually a pretty chill kid. You can lay in the crib and just stare at things and you are pretty content unless you are poopy or need to be fed. You love your pacifier but spit it out all. the. time. :)

You, little man, forget that you are a twin and also have a bigger brother to share us with. You like to be held, looked at and talked to all the time. You smiled at me a day before your brother did. You lock eyes like a champ and melt my heart. You love to eat. You now weigh 8lbs. And you are also ON the growth curve for height and head. You have some jaundice still, it's actually called breastmilk jaundice and crazily enough is caused by a chemical in breastmilk. SOOOooo for 36 hours you are on formula. Bummer yes, but it will go away and not come back so we are doing it. You have no happy medium. You are either silent or screaming. You look like your Mommy. You found your fingers today and sucked away. Maybe you'll like those better than the pacifier. You have not had all the tests that your brother has had. You've been pretty chill. We've been told that jaundice is like a sleeping it will be interesting to see what happens when it's gone. I fear...just a bit :)
You are loud. You are a grunter and a groaner. When you have gas you growl until you burp. You grunt in your sleep. You are such a man.

So basically the first 6 weeks have been tough to say the least. But we've got a little system going now and I've let go of my need for a "plan". I think I thought every twin mom had their twins on schedules right away...that's not true. That's unrealistic at this age for any baby. So I had to tell myself to chill out. I have also stopped tandem feeding for now. With Camden's puke issues it was really difficult. So I am feeding one right after the other and we will address tandem feeding when they are older. They are actually eating much better this way and I am way more relaxed. I'm also pumping and bottle feeding at night along with my hubby who takes the first shift so I can sleep. Have I mentioned how amazing he is? I love my boys. The cloud has lifted and I can see the light! :)

I tried uploading pics and it wouldn't work :( Will try again tomorrow!


  1. six weeks already?! my oh my time flies! I'm so happy breastfeeding is going well! What a relief! How are you feeling recovery wise? How was it recovering from a c-section?

  2. Congrats on your little ones. Thank you for joining the Weekend Blog Hop on I Heart Maternity. We are following you back. I am adding your button to my blog so other know to follow.


  3. What lovely post. i am glad you are getting through and the kids are thriving.

  4. You can do are doing it! Like the little blue engine puffing up the mountain, you are soon to crest the top. Once there, you may stay oldest set of twins are nearly 12 and I think I'm still on the crest, but it's a great place to be!! Glad you found a feeding system that works for you, that's what matters most!!

  5. Keep your chin up! You have your hands full, and I am sure you are doing a great job. I am very glad to hear all of you are doing well, hopefully big brother feels better quickly!

  6. Intense is a great description of those first few weeks, but I had to laugh because with both sets of our twins, I looked around at 6 weeks and breathed a huge sigh of relief! Good job, momma! Your boys are precious!!

  7. Cognrats on your newest addition! Love how boyz are the rulers in your household! Hope you will follow us! We're new from the I Heart Maternity blog hop!